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7Sultans: Sweetness, Heroes, and Anime Girls Coming in May

7 Sultans 2..

7Sultans Games coming in May

The creativity of game designers is without boundaries – and even more so when it comes to casual games, especially slot machines. Slot machine designers have a pre-defined template to work with – a set of reels spinning, some buttons that need pushing, and similar elements that have to be included in the game. Imagine the creative minds behind the 7Sultans online casino who have managed to cook up a collection of over 600 slot machines over the years, not one like the other. And the 7Sultans adds at least a couple of new games to its game library each month, making it more diverse and attractive each time.

This May, the 7Sultans will add further three games to its library. Their topics are as diverse as ever, covering candy, anime, and heroic fantasy.

Mystery meets magic in Forbidden Throne

Forbidden Throne Game

One of the three games the 7Sultans is set to add to its lineup this month: neither the game’s description nor its promotional video does reveal any of its details. It promises the “ultimate quest”, though, which, combined with the amazing visuals shown, makes the game worthy of looking forward to. Its reels are filled with gems, symbols, and grimoires, and its special symbols show magical animals that resemble constellations, magicians, and warriors. A game to look forward to, for sure.

While not many details of the game are known yet, one thing is already certain: it will be released for desktop and mobile devices alike.

Sweetness comes

Candy Dreams Game

Candy Dreams will be the sweetest game released in the month of May. With an innovative setup and colorful visuals, the game will take players on a trip into a magical land filled with the sweetest desserts ever invented. To make it more attractive for players, the game will not only have a unique setup and a set of amazing bonus features but also 720 possible winning combinations with every spin. An attractive, playful game that will appeal even to the most hardcore slot machine player.

Another kind of sweetness

Magic Lion Symbol

The latest in a long string of Asian-inspired video slot machines, Fortune Girl mixes traditional symbolism with modernity in a uniquely playful way. Its reels are filled with traditional Chinese pieces of gold and silver, a suanpan (the Chinese abacus), and various others related to fortune and money. The game’s Scatter symbol is a Magic Lion – a symbol of valor, protection, strength and energy in Chinese culture – trigger the game’s Free Spins with features like a multiplier trail, and extra wild symbols added to the game’s reels.

All three games are set to be released in the first week of May.

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