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Beat Boredom with These 4 Fun Apps



At times nothing seems to stay for long except boredom. Annoying as it may sound, but it is really difficult to beat boredom, isn’t it? Despite not-so-easy hectic lives, we still appear to be reeling under boredom. It is quite possible that you may not want to do the same things that you have been doing all this long simply because they don’t interest you or they are not entertaining anymore. Well then, sit back and fasten your seatbelts while we take you on a whirlwind tour of 4 interesting and fun-filled apps to beat your boredom away into obscurity.

Battle of Polytopia

This is a free Android App and is a turn-based strategy game. Formerly known as Super Tribes, this adventure app is aimed at building the world by fighting the evil Ai tribes. Each player gets to lead one of the twelve tribes. He/ she have to conquer a square-shaped world by capturing cities. With every city conquered, the player earns resources that could be used for various purposes such as research technologies, deploy for training forces to lead combat or develop the region and add population. The objective of the game is to garner the highest score in 30 turns or destroy all the remaining tribes. Its easy-to-learn and cute graphics make up for a great pastime.


This is an interesting mobile app very similar to the board game Trivial Pursuit based on general knowledge. It is a multi-player game with seven rounds and is time bound. Each player competes with another player on multiple-choice questions on varying topics. With over 1200 topics to choose from and over 600,000 questions in their database, it makes an interesting game to play with people from across the world with interests in similar topics. You can also develop your own quiz and connect with millions of users across the world and share with them.


This is another free Android app. It is a fun app that lets you play with the Android bot. You can create an Android bot of your choice by giving it the desired shape, accessorizing it funky of flashy, clothes and colors of your choice and lots more. You could share your Android character as an emoji, picture or even as GIFs over chats, text messages, and posts with your friends. What’s more, you could create Android characters of your family members and friends, and share with them to have unlimited fun.


The traditional rummy has paved way for its interesting online format – online rummy. As a skilled based game, you play rummy online with 2 to 6 players.  Rummy online has managed to hold the same interest and excitement that has been associated with rummy. With different game variants, lucrative promotions and bonuses, players can enjoy the playing the game 24×7. The attractive themes, interesting graphics, innovative features like 2D/ 3D view of tables, chat options and efficient customer support add to making it interesting and popular to play rummy.


Today, the app market is flooded with many interesting choices of free apps. Mobile users may not only pick apps of their interest but connect with people from across the world while they share their interests and enjoy these apps.

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