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The Founders of Rocksteady Started A New Studio

Founders of Rocksteady

The founders of “Rocksteady” now have left it to create a development studio titled “Hundred Stars Games.” Why have they done it?

The founders of Rocksteady, Sefton Hill, Creative Director, and Jamie Walker, Studio Director, have started a new studio to make AAA games with just only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents. The Canadian-based studio aims to work on an unknown project, which will be revealed in the future. As of now, the studio has accumulated 25 people on its staff and is expanding. As reported by the Polygon, some of Rocksteady Studio’s staff has left it to join Hundred Stars Games. For confirmation people can check their LinkedIn profile.

The studio was born on February 23rd, 2023, and so far it’s hideous. As things are escalating right now, we indeed might not even hear any announcement for 2 consecutive years.

The founders of Rocksteady Hill and Walker reportedly announced their departure from the studio in October 2022, amid the release date of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. The interactive video game was all ready and about to break the charts the same year. However, due to the number of delays the video game will be coming in early February 2024.

Origin Of The Founders of Rocksteady, How They Emerged From Nothing

The founders of Rocksteady founded the studio in December 2004. The studio is mostly infamous for producing DC’s action and role-playing video games, especially the Batman Arkham series. The studio’s first game was Urban Chaos: Riot Response for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 1. Nevertheless, it got positive feedback from critics. But the video game found critical and commercial success for the infamous Batman Arkham franchise.

Warner Bros. brought Rocksteady in 2010 right after the groundbreaking release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Warner Bros. now fully owns the studio. In less than 2 decades, the studio brought a bunch loads of revolutionary video games. And undeniably these video games were all proudly and faithfully successful.

2024 and 2025 are arguably going to be the best years of the 2020s to this date, countless games will be competing for the Game of the Year award. And who knows if Hundred Stars Games will mark a contender in these years with the help of its veterans and a skillful bunch of people. What are your thoughts on the founders of Rocksteady, Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker’s starting a new studio? Will they be able to reach their potential with the Hundred Stars Games?

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