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Anime Games For PS2: That You Need to Install Immediately

anime games for ps2

The craze of playing video games is everlasting in young adults, and with the never-ending production of video games, choosing one is puzzling for most gamers. When searching some anime games, you get countless titles but you are not sure whether to choose this game or that game for your PS2. We are enlisting some of the best video games for your PlayStation 2 that you will find fascinating to play.

10. JoJo No Kimyo Na Boken: Ogon No Kaze (One of the Best Anime Games for PS2)

It’s perplexing to figure out what Jojo Bizzare Adventure is about when watching the anime, the anime constantly switches the tone from comedy to seriousness, but the humor remains the same.

JoJo No Kimyo Na Boken: Ogon No Kaze is the video game directly connected to the JoJo Bizzare Adventure franchise. It is about Giorno Giovanna, a young man who wants to become a “Gang Star”. The video game is about his journey as he embarks on different adventures. The video game executes gameplay and animation brilliantly, and each hit to the opponent is meticulous.

09. Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 3

The Dragon Ball Z series has produced hundreds of video games, and the number isn’t seizing here, a lot more is to come. But Budokai Tenkaichi is the best game from the DBZ franchise to play on your PS2.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 is a fighting video game that features most characters from the anime. The players have to choose a character and send them to the battlefield where they will be facing another character from the series. The game’s pure entertainment, you can use your character’s special attacks and carefully defend the opponent to win the match.

08. One Piece: Grand Battle!

Like Dragon Ball Z One Piece has been running for a very long time, most of us weren’t even born when the very first episode aired. And in all these years One Piece also has made some cool action video games. One Piece Grand Battle is a fighting video game, where you choose a character to engage in a battle and fight with all you got.

The video game features multiple modes, such as training, tournament, and story modes that enhance the gaming experience. When fighting an opponent on an open map, both sides can use the blocks and tools to their advantage, and one can also deflect those attacks if they get targeted.

07. Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked

Most people visualize evil humans who work for Devils or evil beings as soon as they hear the word “Samurai,” we know this sounds absurd. And Samurai Champloo defies those opinions. It is a video game based on the Samurai Champloo anime.

The video game doesn’t obey the original plot and goes for a unique side story, it tells about conflicts our 3 primary characters get into. The players can enjoy quick-paced combat and swift reflection of the characters.

06. Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask starts with the players choosing either a male or a female character to play. The video game is set in the feudal Era and tells about the playable character who falls back in time. Both playable characters have their own stories and backgrounds but they link up with the anime’s primary character to escape out of the past.

Those who find long video games intriguing are not going to be disappointed because Inuyasha offers more than 10 hours of continuous lore.

05. Gungrave

There is no general answer to what came first an egg or a chicken, but there is a definite answer to what was released first the Gungrave video game or the Anime. The video game launched a long time ago before the anime adaptation. It tells about a resurrected gunman, who is on a course seeking revenge against the man who killed him.

Gungrave features a dark atmosphere and takes place in a modern world. The game’s controls and gameplay mechanics would remind you of early Max Payne video games. Indulge yourself in the fun revenge journey of Beyond the Grave.

04. Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse Of The Crimson Elixir

Fullmetal is an anime that both nerds and action freaks would enjoy because it dims their hunger for science and supernatural action, respectively. And for those people, this video game will be the bread and butter. Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse Of The Crimson Elixir elaborates on the adventure of the Elric brothers, as they search for the philosopher Stone. The game’s lore only has a few changes to it, and all remaining is the same.

Not only the game’s battling system is enhanced but the animation style and graphics are leveled up too.

03. .hack//Infection

.hack//Infection is a video game with science fiction and fantasy elements. It is about a boy who tries to find the truth behind why players are mysteriously falling into a coma while playing an MMORPG game called World. The description of this video game is kind of similar to the Sword Art Online series.

The game features a large open-world map, where the character can interact with NPCs and fight against hard bosses. The upgrading tools system of the video game enhances the gameplay experience massively.

02. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (A Contender for The Best PS2 Video Games)

There is no reason not to enlist a Naruto game. Like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, Naruto is the center of attention for most anime fans. Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 is a fighting game where two sides clash and one comes out victorious. Like a normal fighting game, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 features different gameplay modes. You have access to Ultimate Contest, VS. Duel, Iruka’s training, and many more that make the video game gripping.

When in a fight, you can use the character’s ability, whether it’s a special technique or a different form. The post-strike animation is also a sight to behold because it showcases how meticulous the game’s dynamics are.

01. Persona 3 (The Best of the Best Video Games for PS2)

Throughout the years Persona franchise has developed many titles that still shine up to this day. Persona 3 is another gem that showcases the story of high school students who fight against evil creatures using a psyche called Persona.

Persona franchise is known for its lore, every video game of the series has a fascinating plot that keeps the players stunned. Other than the lore, the iconic bunch of characters, soothing soundtracks, and top-notch animation make the video game stand out.

Final Words on Best PS2 Anime Video Games

Anime on screens is fascinating to watch, but role playing as a fictional character in a video game is a whole new feeling. This is why our list consists of only the best anime games for PS2. These video games let you explore the fascinating plots and are fun to play.

Each game tops the others but which one do you think is the best in this list? Comment it down.

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