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Finest PS4 Adventure Games of 2023-24: Find New. Find Unique

adventure games ps4

As of now, Adventure is the leading genre in PS4, the games featured in it are world-class without a doubt. This genre weirdly sticks with any genre, whether it’s music, puzzles, action, racing, sports, or any open-world game, Adventure tag is linked with anything and everything. Let’s take a quick detour before we install any games. Because this list definitely has something that will make you think otherwise.

Scars Above (The Video Game that Depicts Beautiful Side of the Universe)

No matter how much you praise “Scars Above” it falls short. Scars Above comes with 3D graphics that can compete against any video game, that’s how beautiful the animation is. The video game unravels the story of a scientist Dr. Kate Ward. While examining earth’s orbit, he falls into an alien world. The rest is about her exploring the alien planet and trying to survive the deadly creatures.

Open-source review platforms like Metacritic, IGN, and Steam recommend users, try this marvelous PS4 Adventure Game. That ranks among the best PS4 Adventure games.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage (Experience How It Is to Become an Assassin)

When kids or young teens, we dreamt about doing parkour as Assassins do, but as time passed by these thoughts vanished. But it isn’t too late, we still have to reminisce about those events, and that can only happen if we roleplay as assassins once again. The brand new video game in the Assassin’s Creed installment is called the Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Which adds a modern twist to the old Assassin’s Creed style. The video game takes place in the capital of Iran, Baghdad, where our protagonist is a notorious thief, with special powers. He can see the world with nightmarish vision.

The video game follows his journey from being a normal thief to a deadly assassin. And the video game without a doubt makes it into the list of Finest PS4 Adventure games.

Deliver Us Mars (Embark on an Adventure to Mars by Playing One of Almighty PS4 Adventure Games)

Deliver Us Mars is a space adventure that follows an emotional yet intriguing story. The video game is about an astronaut named Kathy, who is searching for her missing father. Her father went on a mission to Mars many years ago and has disappeared since. Kathy’s main objective is to search for her father, while also having to save the Earth by finding the required technology and her father, who is essential for the survival of humanity.

Kathy’s path is full of countless unpleasant stoppages. The video game requires players to solve puzzles to progress further. The tricky patterns and perplexing routes confuse players. High-quality animation, 3D graphics, and beautiful narrative are what make this video game a contender for one of the best PS4 Adventure Games.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (A Holy Musical Journey, All in PS4 Adventure Games)

We didn’t say that your adventure would rely completely on outdoor events, where you would be venturing out to the corners of the world. For this one time, we are embarking on a musical adventure, we will be following the paths from where the music is born. Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is a role-playing video game, the plot is not cliche, it’s more or less original. The video game takes place in a fictional modern world where Greek gods hideously reside among humans. Players roleplay as Grace, a college dropout who is granted the power of Muse. The video game is about her trying to unveil the secret behind her predecessor’s death.

Stray Gods feature a slow-paced narrative, and it suits the theme. However, you are in for a treat because the music that features in the game is original and is composed by Grammy-nominated composers.

Under the Waves (Dive into the Ocean, Find the Strings that Connect You to the Past)

Under the Waves is a diving adventure video game where players play a character named Stanley. Stanley or Stan is a professional diver, who is under the sea because of a life-changing loss during an underwater mission. In general, the entirety of the video game pans its attention to a fine man trying to overcome his traumatic past, while carrying out missions. The action takes place in the North Sea, where our main character isn’t alone, he has the company of a robot.

The calming water sound effects and calming light tones push the experience to a great expanse, and something such as this isn’t available in many Adventure PS4 Games.

Cocoon (A Indie Puzzle Adventure)

Cocoon is a puzzle adventure video game, with mesmerizing gameplay and music soothing to the ears. The gameplay is nothing ordinary, it features no map, no text, no voice-over, and only a few movements and action buttons making the experience outstanding. Players in Cocoon control a cockroach-like creature and wander around figuring out what the gameplay is about. The puzzling and tricky gameplay of Cocoon is praiseworthy. Hence this is why the video game has won several awards as one of the best PS4 Adventure games.

The video game Cocoon comes from the leading developers of Inside and Limbo. Which also makes Cocoon an indie video game.

Conclusion: The Latest and Best Adventure Games for PS4

PlayStation 4 is a modern video game console where gamers can find interesting yet strange titles. The Action and Adventure genre is especially more boosted than any other. The old-school adventure games enthusiasts know this better than anyone else. This is why we wanted to help fellow gamers indulge in the captivating gameplay of adventure games and make the most out of the experience.

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