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Anime Games For PS4: The Most Undervalued Collection

Anime Games For PS4

People have repeatedly searched the term, Anime Games For PS4, but the most bugging thing that appears in the search results is unplayable games, that make you notch your face after installation. The world games are wide, and there is a diversity of games, but identifying a masterpiece alone is an applauding feat. Talking about masterpieces, we have some, we have delved into the world of PS4 games, and found some captivating tiles. Let’s start already with our list.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction (The Overdramatic Game into the List of PS4 Games for Anime Sounds Funny)

Have you ever watched Jojo Bizarre Adventure? Only the people who have watched it understand how dramatic the fight scenes and the characters are. Every special move has a name, which is generally common in every Shonen anime, but what’s funnier is that the fight scenes are overdramatic. The video game BlazBlue: Central Fiction depicts the entirety of Jojo anime and its humor in a package of a fighting video game. Its plot revolves around “Azure” a powerful magical energy that can fulfill wishes. The video game’s antagonist Hades Izanami, and guess who is going to interrupt his plans? The players have to fight various characters to reach up to the boss stages.

Furthermore, this is the best time to indulge in the gameplay of one of the best PS4 Games.

Guilty Gear Strive (A Successor of the World-class Anime Games Series PS4)

If you can’t decide whether to watch anime or play games on PS4. We suggest trying something that falls in between both. And what could that be? Guilty Gear Strive is a video game that features insanely high-quality cutscenes, a meticulously detailed combat system, and characters that are busy solving their past.

The video game has 3D and 2D hybrid cutting-edge graphics. Moreover, the plot is massively influenced by the battles and character interactions. Hence why this is a forward step into fighting video games.

Tales of Berseria

The gameplay of Tales of Berseria is incredibly long, but it’s not stiff or cliche. The plot is uniquely beautiful and spacious when it comes to depth, and it’s a compliment, not a con. Tales of Berseria features loads of different characters but our protagonist is arguably the most beautiful as well as the coolest character.

Tales of Berseria is the sixteenth entry in the Tales entry. The video game centers its attention on a young woman, Velvet Crowe, who embarks on a journey of revenge against the man who murdered her brother. The combat mechanics of Tales of Berseria are praiseworthy, the quick reflections, the after-effects of an attack, and the power-up system are jaw-dropping. This is why we recommend PS4 Games fanatics to try this anime game out.

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-

The Video game is based on the Books of Ryo Mizuno’s Record of the Lodoss War. In the game, we control high elf Deedlit, who finds herself in a strange labyrinth brimming with her companions and her foes. Deedlit finds herself perplexed with her connections and who to trust. The video game features legendary battles, with characters hitting extraordinary powers.

The game’s exploration system has limitations but it still pans it focuses on searching for items, treasure, and boosts. Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth features a Side-scrolling video game. The depiction of old-style gameplay is executed extremely well. Hence this is what proves this video game to be a contender of the best anime games for PS4

God Eater 2: Rage Burst (The PS4

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is a classic action-adventure video game, that emits the aura of the Final Fantasy franchise. It’s one of the biggest anime game titles for PS4/ The video game is an expansion with new weapons, new monsters, and new settings. God Eater 2 and Rage Burst both feature beautiful narratives. The narrative elaborates on how God Eaters are tremendously suffering from “Devouring Apocalypse,” a threat that has unbalanced the entirety of the planet.

“Devouring Apocalypse” has changed its form into a “Spiral Tree” because of the God Arc user. The lore is quite plain but it will bring many surprises and emotions to your face. The change in God Eater 2 Rage Burst and God Eater 2 is very slight. A new chapter has been added to the expansion pack, with a bunch of new characters and difficulty levels.

Persona 4 Golden (Dive into the World, Where Crime Emerges the Most)

The video game that concludes our list of Anime PS4 Games is Persona 4 Golden, Let us unveil how underrated it is in comparison to other Persona games. Persona 5 is great, it’s better than the third canon installment, but is there anything that comes anywhere close to it? Persona 4 Golden, a video game where the students have the ultimate powers. Upon initial glance, they all look normal but at night they turn rouge. Persona series narrates the story of the students’ struggle to eliminate the malevolent adults.

In Persona 4 Golden, the students live in a fictional city called Inaba, which is infested with evil, where most murders take place. The students discover an alternate world that intervenes with reality. And the criminals are using this strange phenomenon to their advantage, our heroes must stop them.

Conclusion: The Best Anime Games for PS4

Watching anime is astounding, as time passes people who were not interested in anime whatsoever are now leaning toward it, and enjoying it more than watching Western or European series. Everyone has that one anime that got them into it. They keep it craved into their hearts and it can’t be replaced. But what if you were to roleplay as one of the characters, isn’t it a unique experience? Our list carries some of the most immersive titles. Our ambition is to find interesting titles and present them in front of you. Such as this list of Anime games for PS4, we hope this was helpful. Leave your feedback and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 on how helpful it was.

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