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Xbox Adventure Games The Best Games For Your Xbox X S

Xbox Adventure Games

What are the best Xbox Adventure Games? That’s probably the question making you go crazy because there are a variety of adventure games for the Xbox X and S series. And you can’t decide which one to choose. It is the worst feeling when you choose a game and it turns out to be terrible.

Check out these video games, where you can embark on a journey as the main character. You will get to witness beautiful landscapes, luminous backgrounds, stunning visuals, and gameplay that can’t be found anywhere.

Stick with us until the very end as we begin our countdown and reveal the best titles.

10. Forza Horizon 5: (One of the Best Xbox X and S Adventure Games)

How do you define the adventure? Probably not in cars but Forza Horizon 5 is exceptional, it takes you on a journey, where you explore the big maps with realistic mechanisms.

With tons of different cars in your garage, you can get on the road and race others while enjoying the beautiful biomes. Unlike its predecessors, Forza Horizon 5 lets you roam around carelessly.

You can choose campaign mode, and progress slowly by slowly while upgrading your car to win over the difficult opponents.

09. Hogwarts Legacy

We are making this list crispy by sparing Harry Potter fans some Hogwarts action. Hogwarts Legacy was the game fantasy enthusiasts were waiting for, they can finally enroll themselves in the Hogwarts Academy and enjoy playing as their favorite character from the Harry Potter Franchise.

Everything you wished for in a Harry Potter game is already here, probably more than you wanted. The nostalgia hits home when you wander around the map and see the medical structures.

The game is without a doubt a successful installment to the franchise and was also regarded as the second-most-selling game of the year 2023.

08. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Sherlock Holmes is a genius detective who has probably no haters, and he also knows it too. Throughout the years, with hours of Sherlock Holmes content consumed we watched him promptly solve complex puzzles that no ordinary can solve.

Playing him as a character is intriguing, what’s even more fascinating is we are using our brain and not his to solve mysteries.

Not only there are complex mysteries that may take effort and time, but you also have to face off against otherworldly creatures.

07. No Man’s Sky (One of the Best Xbox Adventure Games)

It’s finally time for some space adventure, the title of the game reveals what the game is about, not the intention but the term.

No Man’s Sky is not a game, it depicts how wandering around the universe may seem. You can explore an infinite procedurally generated universe.

You can travel to strange planets, stars, and distant galaxies, and can interact with different life forms, all on your spaceship. The space suit and the spaceship both are upgradable.

06. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Adventure and Fantasy together are becoming regular these days, although there is no denying that these genres are showing results and are marvelous together.

The Elder Scrolls V is the latest installment to the franchise, even though the game is 13 years old, it still delivers what you may be looking for now. The vast open world of The Elder Scrolls 5 makes it exceptionally entertaining.

You can start the game by choosing a race and creating a character with multiple skills and different abilities. There is more to the game than you might think of.

05. Sea of Thieves

Wandering around the Sea with no real goal sounds scary, but if you were told that there is a treasure hidden somewhere, How would you react?

Sea of Thieves doesn’t have a fixed plot to begin with, the players have to create their own stories. There is a big open world map with inconsistent islands, the players are to look for the hidden treasure. There are events in the game that the players can attend alone or with the company.

The game is highly inspired by the real pirates, even the apparel of many characters is similar to that of the pirates.

04. Stray (One of the Underrated Xbox X and S Adventure Games)

Throughout the years gaming as a whole has evolved in many ways, from video graphics to playable characters, everything has changed to some extent.

Stray may sound like an unnatural game when reading its synopsis. But in truth, the game portrays the world, from the point of view of a cute cat.

In a world where humans have gone extinct, the robots they created with their own hands are now nourishing it. The gamers play the game from a cat’s perspective and are tasked to escape to the surface.

03. Subnautica: Below Zero

We get horrified hearing the stories about pirates and tragic events that occur because of extreme weather. But the fear of getting swallowed by underwater creatures tops it.

Subnautica Below Zero aka Subnautica 2 is the second installment to the Subnautica franchise. We are once more back to the odd planet, 4546B, a planet where horrifying creatures live.

We have to explore this alien planet on a big map and survive extraterrestrial creatures that are hungry for flesh. Subnautica Below Zero is by far the most realistic video game that depicts what being in the middle of the ocean with no land or help nearby would look like.

02. Bramble: The Mountain King

All we have done is talk about how visually stunning the games on this list are. Even though they are some of the best-refined games, Bramble is levels above all of them when it comes to details, the sound of water, the passing of waves, and the reflection of light after it touches a leaf are beyond ordinary.

The lore is out of the ordinary, we are playing the game from a young boy’s perspective, named Olle. A troll took his sister in custody and isn’t letting her go, Olle is desperately in search of his sister. The boy’s journey is exciting, as he faces deadly creatures, he understands how precious life is. To get back to his sister he has to survive.

01. Life is Strange: True Colours

When we write a review for a film, a TV Show, or a video game, we put the story first. The rest comes next, and keeping that in consideration, we ranked the video game Life is Strange: True Colours at first position in the list of top 10 Xbox Series X and S Adventure Games.

Life is Strange: True Colours has rich lore which narrates the story of a girl who is unknowingly involved in a mystery that has a connection with her family. You play the game, and your decisions affect the outcome.

You can interact with NPCs and can explore a huge town. Life is Strange is truly a game for gamers who enjoy a mix of heavy adventure and fantasy.

Conclusion: Best Xbox Series X and S Adventure Games

Do you want to go on an adventure but don’t have the willpower to leave your room? Don’t worry we got your back, up there is a list of the top 10 adventure games for Xbox X and S. And these are not just any games, they will drive you enough to be addicted to their lore, characters, and everything about them in general.

Comment down on what you think of this list, is there any game that piques your interest? Which one is it, feel free to tell us. If there is any query, email us or fill in the contact form.

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