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The Best 5 Candy-Themed Games to Try This Summer

Candy-Themed Games

Snacking on our favourite treats is an ageless pleasure, and when it comes to candy, its allure can be irresistible. Gaming has taken notice, creating a wide variety of candy-themed games that are both entertaining and delectable. Whether you want an action-packed adventure, strategic confectionary challenges, or simply a whimsical escape into an irresistibly sweet universe, these games provide endless hours of sugary fun.

Join us on a delicious journey as we discover these delectable games guaranteed to delight our taste buds while providing hours of sweet sugary entertainment!

Best 5 Candy-Themed Games to Try This Summer

Candy Crush Saga

No list of candy-themed games would be complete without mentioning the iconic Candy Crush Saga. Developed by King, this match-three puzzle game has taken the world by storm. With its vibrant colours, simple yet addictive gameplay, and ever-expanding levels, Candy Crush Saga has become a staple for gamers seeking a quick dose of candy-coated fun. The game’s popularity has led to numerous spin-offs, but the original remains a classic choice for candy-loving gamers.

Candy Box 2

Candy Box 2 takes a unique approach to the candy-themed genre. Created by Aniwey, this text-based incremental game begins with a simple premise: you have a candy box that generates candies over time. However, as you progress, the game becomes a captivating adventure featuring exploration, battles, and intricate mechanics. The charming ASCII art graphics, along with the surprising depth of gameplay, make Candy Box 2 a hidden gem for those who enjoy a blend of candy-themed whimsy and strategic complexity.

Sweet Bonanza slot game

Sweet Bonanza slot game transports players into an enchanting fantasy land of sweet treats and flamboyant delights. Pragmatic Play has created an eye-catching visual treat with their game, featuring a 6×5 grid filled with juicy fruits, candies, and lollipops! This game will make anyone’s eyes pop out! This game’s distinguishing feature is its “Tumble” mechanic, in which winning combinations explode, and new symbols cascade down to create multiple opportunities for wins on one spin. Expectations are built through Sweet Bonanza’s “Free Spins” feature, where players can win up to 100 free spins, and the high volatility ensures each spin brings with it the potential of big wins.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a candy-themed game with a bit more edge. This action-packed hack-and-slash game features Juliet Starling, a high school cheerleader who wields a chainsaw and battles hordes of zombies. The game’s candy-filled aesthetics and over-the-top action create a unique and entertaining experience. It’s a wild ride that combines sugary sweetness with a heavy dose of adrenaline-pumping action.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Step into the world of food trucks and culinary creativity in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! This time management and cooking simulation game allows you to run your own food truck, serving up delicious treats to hungry customers. While the game isn’t exclusively candy-themed, it offers a wide range of sweet desserts that you can prepare and serve. The game’s addictive gameplay and the satisfaction of creating mouth-watering confections make it a must-play for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bonus: What are the best VR games with a candy theme?

While there are only a handful of Virtual reality Games, Candy Smash VR stands as one of the best candy-themed VR games.

Candy Smash VR is an engaging and breathtaking virtual reality game that transports players into an extraordinary realm full of delicious confections and challenging puzzles. As soon as you put on the VR headset, you are transported into an imaginative candy-laden world reminiscent of Willy Wonka himself! Combining classic match-three puzzle mechanics with virtual reality technology results in an innovative gameplay experience – not unlike Willy Wonka himself would dream up! This addictive experience provides players with a thrilling and enjoyable virtual reality gaming experience unlike anything else!

Candy Smash VR’s visuals are absolutely captivating. Each level is filled with candy-inspired landscapes bursting with colour and detail, providing a sensory feast. From cascading waterfalls of rainbow-colored candies to whimsical gingerbread houses, each environment feels carefully crafted – inviting players further into this wonderful candy realm. Furthermore, its controls are intuitive and responsive, enabling you to interact with candy pieces naturally and satisfyingly; whether swiping, tapping, or gesturing, gestures will seamlessly adapt so your actions remain fluid and engaging!

Candy Smash VR stands out with its innovative combination of traditional match-three gameplay with VR immersion. When reaching out and physically manipulating candy pieces, the satisfaction that ensues from reaching out and manipulating these sweet confections is immeasurable – an intoxicating combination that offers more than mental challenges; physical tests of dexterity and strategy come into play here too! Clearing levels is highly satisfying; its progression system keeps players coming back eager to conquer increasingly complex stages; all this combined makes Candy Smash VR an irresistibly sweet virtual reality experience that should not be missed by both puzzle enthusiasts and VR enthusiasts.


From the iconic Candy Crush Saga to the quirky and charming Candy Box 2, the world of candy-themed games offers a delightful range of experiences for gamers of all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for casual puzzle-solving, strategic game challenges, or action-packed adventures, these games deliver a satisfying sugar rush that will keep you entertained for hours. So, gather your virtual candy and embark on a gaming journey that’s as sweet as it is fun.

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