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You can still feel the craze of the .io games (Agario, Slitherio and so on) and these types of games are far from offering all they can and new titles, even though highly similar to the originals, are bringing new things and new gameplay mechanics to make them even better and more addictive. Such is the case of The Game, a title I just stumbled upon on Steam and I became addicted to.

After endless hours of playing and leveling up and trying out the different game modes and strategies, I am here to share with you some cheats: a complete set of tips and tricks for a complete strategy guide. Hopefully this will improve your game at least a little bit!

1. Run in circles
You can’t die if you hit your own body and others can’t touch it unless they want to become instant snake food, so if you want to increase your chances of staying alive, learn to move in circles or always close to your body. This way, whenever a threat is nearby, you can easily go to the safety of your own body and avoid it – even more, increase the chances of your attacker hitting you.

2. Follow the crowded areas
In crowded areas, chances of snakes getting destroyed and becoming snake food are higher than anywhere else. That’s why it is important to try and lurk near populated areas, while doing your best to stay safe – there’s no shame in rushing to eat snake pieces even if you didn’t destroy the snake. It’s all for getting bigger and crowded areas are the best spots to do that!

3.Use the super speed
Right clicking gives you super speed for as long as you keep the mouse button pressed, but you also lose some of your worm’s length while doing it, so only use the super speed when it’s really necessary, for example when close to an enemy worm and when speeding up a bit will put you in front of it and turn it into worm food. Learn how the super speed works, because where you are fast controlling your worm isn’t that easy anymore.

4. Complete the daily quests
For easy money or even better, items and chests, the best thing you have to do is to complete the daily quests. Some are more difficult than others, but you should make sure that you complete them all on a daily basis to make your worm the best out there.

5. Protect the egg!
If you are playing the catch the egg game mode, you can be extremely helpful for your squad mates if you protect eggs that are dropped. You need to be fairly large in order to do this properly (and, of course, carry an egg yourself). When these conditions are met, simply go to a dropped egg and circle around it until one of your teammates comes and gets it – if you circle around it, none of the enemy worms will be able to get it!

6. Win the hunger games
It’s really fun to play and win the Hunger Games mode in Wormis: you don’t even have to take part into the battle and even though that takes away a bit of the fun, it helps you win. So simply stay away from the crowds in this game mode and eat as many bits as possible, getting as big as possible without risking it all. Then start playing once there are 3-4 worms left in the game and you can be the winner – easily!

7. Collect the coins
Coins are extremely important in the game because you use them to buy equipment that increases your stats and give you advantages in the game, so make sure that you collect all the coins that you see when playing. The more you play, the more coins you will get – and even more, the more you stay alive in each game type, the more coins you get!

These would be for now our Wormis tips and cheats. Do you have extra advice for people playing the game? Let us know by commenting below.

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