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Insanity Clicker Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Clickin’

Insanity Clicker is a brand new endless clicker type of game that was recently released on Steam and its gory approach with monsters and illnesses and scary minions to help you destroy enemies that seem to have spawned from hell, make it extremely appealing to many people, myself included. I found myself playing the game for hours each day and now I am here to share with you some Insanity Clicker cheats & tips to help you progress faster. Because, yes, there is a lot more about this game than it appears at fist and there’s a lot you can accomplish.

So if you want to learn about Amnesia, Sins, Illnesses but also how to progress through the levels a lot faster, read on my strategy guide filled with Insanity Clicker tips and cheats to help you get going.

1. You will do multiple runs
In case you just started playing the game, you should know that in Insanity Clicker you will progress until progress will become very slow, then reset your progress and start over, but with added bonuses that make things everything easier: on your second run, you will be able to get ever further, then reset to start over stronger than before and ready to progress, again, even further. This is the game’s mechanic.

2. Keep your skills for bosses
There are 9 skills that you will unlock once your minions reach certain levels, and you should always micromanage them smartly and keep most of them for boss battles. Skills 4, 5 are money-related, and I would always use them as soon as I have the chance, while skill number 8 doubles the effect of the next skill you use, meaning that you can also use it to boost your damage even more or increase the money you get – it’s your choice, but I would personally keep it for that difficult to kill boss.

3.Stop playing the game
Well, not like forever, but take long breaks and return. I only played 6 minutes on my first run during a break at work, then forgot about the game and only reopened it 24 hours after and there were close to 500k teeth waiting for me. Progress from that moment one was extremely easy and I was cruising through the levels for a while. So don’t think that the more time you spend in the game, the better – on the contrary! As soon as progress seems to be slow, take a break for at least a couple of hours and come back later after the money piled up and you can take on the more powerful monsters.

4. How to upgrade minions
You will naturally upgrade minions and unlock them starting with the cheaper ones and then continuing with the more expensive ones. Hover your mouse over the Level Up button on each minion and see how much damage they cause: you also get a percentage of the total damage, and that is really important.

Cobra, for example, which is the first minion you unlock, will soon become obsolete and with upgrades of your better minions, will deal 1% or less than the total damage. That’s the time when I will stop upgrading that minion and focus on others. But make sure that before you start ignoring minions, you have unlocked all their skills (most of them stop getting new skills at level 100) as skills are important to boost your damage, including click damage.

5. When and how to Amnesia
When you Amnesia, you basically reset your progress and start over. The first time you should Amnesia at level 100 (or go as far as 150 if you can) in order to get the most in terms of Sins, which not only boost your stats, but also can be used to level up illnesses.

The first time you Amnesia, you should unlock all illnesses since they are free and keep your Sins intact for the extra DPS (maybe level up Bulimia and Delirium once or twice, but nothing else). Progress to a level greater than 150 this time and Amnesia again. The point is to get as many Sins as possible each time you reset your progress and keep as many Sins as possible in order to increase your DPS so always do the math and decide if its better to upgrade the Illnesses or keep the sins for the added bonus.

These would be for now our Insanity Clicker tips and tricks. Do you have other strategies that fellow players might find useful? Let us know by commenting below!


  • Jason Mullins
    Posted June 29, 2016 at 2:00 am

    How do you even get past level 150??? It’s basically impossible unless you either leave the game alone for weeks and weeks or buy gems in the game. The spider is 9.779 U and thats way bigger than any amount of teeth ive gotten so far. I mean thats 9 undecillion thats like 9 more 0s than im currently collecting in an hour. Anyway hopefully you can shed some light on this.

    • Post Author
      Calin Ciabai
      Posted June 29, 2016 at 1:57 pm

      Well, the only thing you can do is to keep restarting (Amnesia) and improve your stats. Probably a good strategy to get the most out of it is to Amnesia first at 100, then at 110, then at 120 and so on – then, when you reach level 150 after 4 Amnesias, you should find it a lot easier to beat that boss.

  • m3shcross
    Posted July 5, 2016 at 5:51 am

    actually there is a quick way to unlock spider and get over 150. hit level 100, then amnesia, save ALL sins, unlock all freebie illnesses. get to 150, then amnesia again. at this point you should have about 50 sins. Plus any gear that drops. Now the tricks
    trick 1- Sins increase your dps by more then illnesses do. but you can spend a few sins each amnesia on Autophobia, which drops the hiring cost. for a max of -50%.
    trick 2- save all your crystals. the first thing to buy is double damage which is 200. sounds tough. but for the first few runs of amnesia, they drop pretty steady in briefcases from level 50- 150. But you have to have the game running to click on them.
    Trick 3 – equip items that have bonus idle damage, or increased sins by bosses.
    trick 4- only buy 1 point into each pet until you hit 10x the numberof thier level x 100. example. bat level 1- level 100 56k. so buy 1 level, you have dps. then when you unlock Flea, drop 100 levels into bat, and unlock all the pet perks. then when you unlock Gibling, add 100 levels to cobra and scorpion. keep doing this.
    Trick 5- keep a pen and paper, write which pets give dps bonus and what level/ total cost to unlock that dps boost. also ALWAYS max deathfangs bonus teeth!

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