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Random Heroes Cheats: Tips & Tricks for a Better Strategy


Random Heroes is a really fun game that we can play on our iPhone and this platformer is especially amazing because it gives us the challenge to turn some unlikely heroes into saviors of the day. Of course, it’s not all as easy as it seems – on the contrary, Random Heroes is one really difficult game, but I am here to share with you some Random Heroes tips and tricks for a better strategy, some things that can even be considered cheats because they give you such an advantage in the game.

So let’s check out some Random Heroes tips & tricks below:

1. Make sure that you don’t kill your enemies near ledges – you don’t want them to fall down with all the coins, right?!

2. Learn how your enemies move. Each of the monsters in Random Heroes follows a specific pattern: learn that pattern and defeating them will be a lot easier!

3. Upgrade, and then upgrade some more! This one’s pretty obvious: you need to keep upgrading to keep up the pace. You start as a pretty weak character with a pretty weak weapon, but you can keep upgrading by spending coins in order to improve both the stats of your weapon and those of your character.

4. Study the stats of the characters and buy according to your play style: each character that you can purchase has different stats (some have better health but lower agility, some are agile but cause little damage and so on). Check out their stats before spending the coins and purchase based on your pay style. There’s no point in spending the hard earned coins on something you won’t play as.

5. Cheat by purchasing coins with real money. I never felt the need to do so, I am patient. But if you’re not, you can spend some real life cash for some in-game coins that will help you progress faster.

What other tips and tricks do you have to share with your fellow Random Heroes players? Let us know in the comment section below.

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