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Escape Genius Walkthrough (Android)

Escape Genius

Escape Genius walkthrough discussion here! Let’s help each other beat this game! We’ll start with the description:

“Escape Genius is another point and click room escape game. In this escape game, some horses are lost and your job is to find them to escape the room.Can you able to find all horses and escape? Good luck and have fun!”

Here is the Escape Genius walkthrough for Android:

1. Tap the pillows to the left side of the couch and get the crowbar from under the green pillow and the cutter from under the red pillow.

2. Now tap the right side pillows and get the hammer from under the pillow.

3. Go back and tap the horse on the table – use the hammer on the horse and get the yellow item.

4. Go to the skeleton statue of the sea horse and tap it, then use the cutter on it and take the piece.

5. Go to the lower side of the TV and get the code (3592). Use this code on the cabinets to the right of the exercise bike. Take the knife.

6. Tap the upper right drawer and use press the buttons: left 4 times, next 3 times, next 2 times and last button once. Get the wrench.

7. Finally, press the bottom left drawer and use the code: on the upper row, press from left to right: 4 times, 3 times, 4 times. On the bottom row, press from left to right: 7 times, 6 times, 6 times. Pick up the screwdriver handle.

8. Now tap the bottom right drawer and spell HORSE as a code and get the red horse.

9. Now tap the cabinet with window to the right and complete the puzzle piece (it has to be a horse) then pick up the brown horse piece.

10. Go back and tap the plant to the right of the cabinets. Get the screwdriver piece there.

11. Go back and tap the horse, use the wrench on it and pick up the piece.

12. Go to the exercising bike and combine the screwdriver pieces in your inventory. Use the screwdriver on the bike’s top and get the green horse piece.

13. Go to the TV room and zoom in on the plant to the left, then use the knife on it and pick up the horse piece.

14. Now go to the room where’s the big brown horse and zoom on its back – use the wrench to remove horse piece form it’s leg.

15. Now go all the way to the cabinets and zoom in, then tap the right-most cabinet. Put all the horse pieces into their spots and get the key, then use it to exit.

And there you have it! The Escape Genius walkthrough is complete and you have managed to beat the game! I really hope that you found this useful!

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