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3 Cat and the Forty Thieves Walkthrough


3 Cat and the Forty Thieves is a very fun flash game that you can play for free in your browser. I am here to share with you a walkthrough for 3 Cat and the Forty Thieves to help you complete the game. However, I got stuck eventually and I am sure that we can find the solution if we work together here.

But until then, let’s check out the 3 Cat and the Forty Thieves walkthrough – the step by step instructions that I followed until I got stuck. Play the game here.

1. Picked up the stone from the Treasure Chest.
2. Clicked the crack – there is a key we can’t get. But managed to get it by clicking on the cat in the left corner – when all the cats appear, click the brown one and the crack to get the key.
3. Check out the drawing above the chest. Click the crack again to see that there’s a new thing there. Call again the cats and click the right cat (the one with stripes) to take the blue gem from the crack.
4. Click the right side of the chest to look behind – take the bag and look at the strange symbols.
5. Use the key on the chest, take the padlock – examine it to notice the writing on the back side.
6. Fill up the bag with coins – your treasure!
7. Go right. Take one purple earring from the vase.
8. …?

Until the 3 Cat and the Forty Thieves walkthrough is complete, please feel free to discuss the game below and help each other to beat this game!



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