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Splatoon 3 Review According to Metacritic

splatoon 3 metacritic

Splatoon 3 is a fun-to-play video game, where players indulge in immersive gameplay, but what does Metacritic have to say about the video game as a whole? Splatoon series is critically acclaimed but there are still lingering doubts from people about how it hasn’t landed to people’s expectations. Why is that happening? And what’s the reality behind the video game’s positive reviews? We have a lot to talk about, stick with us until the very because we are going to unravel everything about the video game that may help you get started.

What is Splatoon 3 and Where does it rank in Comparison to Predecessors?

While the world was depressed and many adults didn’t know what to do during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the gamers had everything planned. People started to invest more time playing battle royale games such as Fortnite and Fall Guys than doing anything else. Before the pandemic, in 2019, Splatoon 3 was all rumors, no one confirmed it just unofficial news. Later the same year, the video game was officially announced publicly. And shortly after the end of the pandemic, the video game came to multiple consoles and devices.

Splatoon 2 was brilliant, it was nearly a perfect video game. The long-term Splatoon series fans were well aware of what was coming for them. Splatoon 3 was massive, bigger than any video game of the series. In the video game Splatoon 3, players take the role of Agent 3, the original protagonist of the series, who is a precious member of Squidbeak, a platoon that fought against Octarians during the Great Turf War. His objective is to retrieve the stolen Great Zapfish from Octarians. The players will travel through various challenging paths and experience stressful events recurring again and again.

The video game’s objective is to splash gooey paste all over the map, and the person or the team that inks more than the opposing team clears the level.

Splatoon 3 Deserves all the Praise

The gameplay of Splatoon is fascinating, but the variety of gameplay modes makes it more fascinating. The video game includes modes such as Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. In the Turf War, players’ two parties collide in a challenge of who splashes with their team’s color more. Splat Zones mode is when a player can only roam around freely in specific zones.

Tower Control is a strategic mode, where players either rush forward or defend their base. The objective is to hijack the opponent’s base.

Rainmaker is inevitably one of the strangest gameplay modes of Splatoon 3. In this mode, even the sane players go wild and take part in the fun and difficult match. Players have to carry a gun called Rainmaker, the objective is to be the last man standing.

Spaltoon’s iteration of using the same mobs and characters is pushing them forward instead of pulling them back. And the same mobs are back again in the Splatoon 3. The features a new city called Splatsville. The video game has promised consistent updates and DLCs for the two consecutive years after the release date, with a new customization catalog every season alongside newer weapons.

Overall, Splatoon 3 has brought new characters, features, maps, and many changes compared to its predecessors.


  • Splatoon 3 has a short but beautiful narrative. The average running time of the plot is around 8 hours. The speedrun record of the video game is less than 1 hour, which relatively is relevant.
  • The video game offers loads of new features and content. With plenty of different weapons, new stages, and enemies to unlock. Players can explore a vast without any boundaries or limitations.
  • The inventive shooting of Splatoon 3 makes the video game somewhat unique, and different than predecessors. Players shoot and disguise themselves as their ink-colored camouflage.


  • The lack of new events may be one of the major reasons for the game’s slander. Even if you bump into a certain new featured event, it would be exactly new, it would be reminiscing to previous events.
  • The campaign mode of Splatoon 3 lacks innovation and creativity, the levels that you unlock after progressing may feel empty. And at certain levels, you won’t be overwhelmed by the opponents or obstacles.
  • Earlier we spoke about how the video game is completely new compared to Splatoon 3, but frankly, there aren’t any major changes. The video game offers the content in a way that even neutrals or new fans would feel a connection to the video game.

Metacritic Favorable Score on Splatoon 3

Whether it’s Splatoon 3 or any other Nintendo game, Metacritic rates them highly. According to Metacritic, Splatoon 3 is a masterpiece of a video game. Metacritic ranks Splatoon 3 to be a generally favorable video game. The Metascore of the video game is 83/100 and the user score. As for the user score, the video game has a solid 7/10. Which is kind of average, and this score at minimum makes a video game playable too.

The users and critics in general, rate the video game as one of the most satisfying video games. One critic on Metacritic says, “Splatoon 3 polishes many of the weak points of Splatoon 2, the video game is a step forward in creating a new outline for upcoming sequels. The execution-style might be one of a few reasons why we are in love with Splatsville and its inhabitants.” An upset user spoke about their disappointment regarding the video game as a whole, “The matchmaking is mind-boggling, nothing makes sense, the ranking system, the balance, and map design are strangely weird and not as innovative as the game says. The game claims it will be releasing updates and DLCs for 2 consecutive years, but it brings back the same content from the previous installments.”

Overall, the users are discontented. They thought the video game would offer something special, something otherworldly. Which is why you might come across more critical reviews than the positive reviews. However, the critics treat the video game as a banger, as of now you won’t come across any negative reviews.

Conclusion: Splatoon 3 Review and Metacritic

Splatoon 3 may not be a special video game, but its immersive gameplay would give you the urge to install it. The users who are familiar with the Splatoon game series know how fascinating it is in comparison to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the opinions and perspectives of the video game depend from person to person. But what do you think of it? Does this video game deserve special treatment? Share your feedback in the comments section, we are eager to read what you have to say. Also, don’t forget to drop a follow on both our Instagram and Facebook, these pages are where you will find the latest game news and reviews.

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