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The 10 Marvelous Horror Games on Roblox

horror games on roblox

Roblox provides quality gameplay with not so much quality graphics, the visuals aren’t soothing to the eyes but they strangely capture the essence of a video game’s creativity, horror games on Roblox are one of the finest genres you could ask for. It proves to take players off guard and send the chills down their spine because players dislike anything unexplainable. We are sure players wouldn’t dislike to immerse in the horror Roblox games, that’s the basis for our list of the 10 most captivating games.

10. It Lurks (The Best of Horror Games on Roblox)

It Lurks is a survival horror with an extensive and intriguing setting. Players find themselves entangled in a strange forest, where something sinister lurks. Your goal is to survive against the mysterious entity until the dawn.

You can achieve your goal by utilizing your resources, gathering clues, and staying alive until dawn by any means. Moreover, the suspenseful environment is sufficient to keep players on edge. As the night falls, your survival becomes uncertain, and the stakes are also high.

09. The Asylum

The Asylum is a scary horror Roblox game where we explore an abandoned asylum. The asylum features a spooky and frightening atmosphere with mysterious surroundings. Along the way, you will be challenged with perplexing puzzles that require patience, puzzle-solving skills, and requisite items to advance. To advance, you will need to keep an eye open for clues, secrets, and even unexpected encounters.

The story is narrated through chapters, and each chapter is provided with utmost detail and meticulous presentation. The video game executes the eerie and chilling setting extremely well.

08. PANIK (A Realistic Take on of Horror Games on Roblox)

PANIK is a heart-thumping horror video game that provides players with a scary and imaginative experience. In the video game, you will find yourself trapped in a gigantic store. The objective is to activate three scanners that are scattered around the map using the three uncanny items. Here’s a twist, there’s a cleaning robot in the store named Happy. Happy is programmed to be a cute robot that does the chores during the daytime, but at night it turns dark and has a murderous intent.

In short, Happy is not “happy” after all. The gameplay is intriguing and suspenseful, capturing viewers off-guard with its relatively timed jump scares.

07. The True Backrooms: Renovated

The myth of Backrooms is simple yet terrifying. The video games that have encapsulated the concept have captured players’ interest in consuming similar content. In The True Backrooms: Renovated, players experience the enhanced and expanded Backrooms. The goal of the game isn’t much different from the video games with the same setting. Survival is essential and so is exploration, because it can level up your chances of survival.

Similar to other Backrooms video games, players can experience the gameplay solo or with teammates. The True Backrooms: Renovated offers captivating gameplay with a dark atmosphere which is better than most Backrooms video games.

06. Cheese Escape (Horror Games on Roblox, It Makes You Cheesy)

Cheese Escape is a horror video game where players survive the wrath of seemingly a giant rat. The players can begin the adventure solo or team up with friends to enhance their gameplay experience. Players fight for their survival by collecting clues that promise their chances of escape.

The video game is 3 chapters long with a single but expected ending. However, the video game brings updates frequently, adding new content while also removing bugs and persistent glitches.

05. Griefville: Survive the Nightmare

Griefville: Survive the Nightmare video game is popular for featuring the iconic character, Chucky. The video game has generated the narrative by merging all the films from the 80s to the 90s. Players are introduced to a spooky and mysterious town named Griefville, which is a lovely place during the daytime, but at night it is the dwelling of otherworldly creatures, including the infamous Chucky.

As a player, you must scavenge resources, collect randomly spawned loot, and engage in quests to elevate your chances of survival.

04. Apeirophobia (The Best of Heart Thumping Horror Games on Roblox)

Apeirophobia is the phobia of the infinite or eternal. The video game is game is based on the urban legend “The Backrooms.” The video game revolves around players finding themselves in a procedurally generated endless maze. The players’ objective is to escape the maze while eluding supernatural existences awaiting their arrival in each room.

While exploring, players encounter various entities, some are friendly while others are extremely hostile. With your ordinary powers, you have no choice but to be the fugitive.

03. The Mirror

The setting of scary things popping out of mirrors is cliche, people have witnessed such sequences in films and TV Shows, and now be prepared to experience them before you in video games. In The Mirror video game, players find themselves in an experimental chamber, where they have to dim the lights and stare at a mirror for frankly a long time. The mirror showcases ugly illusions that can send you chills.

The entirety of the experience revolves around starting at the mirror, creating a suspenseful and terrifying atmosphere.

02. Light Bulb: Reillumination (One of The Most Intriguing Horror Games on Roblox)

Light Bulb: Reillumination is a highly acclaimed psychological horror that is narrated through a top-down perspective. In this intriguing video game, players find themselves trapped in the wonders of a massive maze. The objective is to escape before the enigmatic existence lays hands on you. In this perilous journey, the biggest threat to your safety is the darkness itself, you must inhabit the well-lit areas.

The video game boasts twists and turns to enhance the gameplay experience. Your resolve must be unwavering and your investigation should also be top-notch to level up your stakes of survival.

01. Dead Silence

Dead Silence provides the horror-based experience that Roblox enthusiasts would find intriguing. It’s a scary video game where we investigate a mystery behind the legend of Mary S. The haunting adventure can commence when you start solo or team up with coordinating players.

While the video game features a definitive task, players can keep themselves entertained by indulging in the video game’s exploration facet. Players should tune in for all the jump scares headed their way, because this cute-looking game isn’t delightful, not even a tiny bit.

Conclusion: Finest Horror Games on Roblox

Roblox is a hub for elusive games. As a player, you will have access to countless game genres at your disposal. In this blog, we journeyed through one of the most intriguing video game genres—horror. Roblox geeks and game enthusiasts in general treasure horror genres. We are sure you would also find them fascinating. If you do make sure to comment your feedback in the comments section.

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