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10 Ultimate Idle Games on PC

idle games on pc

Idle games, commonly known as Clicker games are referred to as the most intriguing games in the PC video games and general gaming industry, how authentic is that statement? Let’s delve into the theme and discover the best titles that game enthusiasts love to indulge in.

Enchanted Heroes

Enchanted is a natural idle video game with delightful gameplay. This video game is one of the most highly consumed idle video games in the world. In the video game, players experience a world ravaged by hostile monsters. You play as a valiant hero with the motive of eliminating evil from roots. Because the video game comes with Idle elements, your manual attacks aren’t necessary. The hero attacks the enemy automatically. Additionally, you can help the hero by clicking on the screen.

You can also upgrade your hero for a more promising attack. You can use coins that you earn from defeating the enemies in your player character enhancement.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is the simplest yet most intriguing clicker game on Windows. The name of the video game reveals most about the content, it’s a cookie-clicking game where you make cookies by clicking rapidly and repeatedly on the giant cookie. The experience revolves around earning cookies and using them for upgrades. Cookie Clicker is popular because of the way it depicts the genre. People are immersed in Cookie Clicker for countless hours every week due to the practically endless gameplay.

Cookie Clicker is specifically designed to run on a PC. However, it’s compatible with any device that features a modern internet browser.

Super Auto Pets (One of the Most Captivating Idle Games on PC)

Super Auto Pets oozes lovely-looking gameplay on your first impression, however, in reality, it’s a chaotic video game where you will be using cute animals to duel local players. In the video game, players can control pets with special abilities. The concept is to battle using pets, each having special and unique abilities.

Super Auto Pets offers two modes for different calibers of people, the versus mode and the arena mode. The task is frankly the same, but the intensity and the gameplay are about the same. The diversity in the character selection is a strong reason behind the video game’s high rating.

Cell To Singularity

Cell to Singularity isn’t a classic idle video game that can be played without mental presence, it’s a science-based evolution game that strains players’ brains. In the video game, you start as a single cell and gradually evolve into a complex organism. The gameplay of Cell To Singularity is satisfying, you have the requisite control to shape the destiny of all the life forms inhabiting Earth.

Playing Cell To Singularity can level up your scientific knowledge while indulging in the captivating gameplay, you will be learning bunch loads of stuff. Despite having a unique theme, the video game doesn’t compromise on offering high-quality graphics.

PomoFarm (A Beautiful Merge of Idle and Farming Games on PC)

PomoFarm is an idle farm cultivation video game that comes with the theme of the focus timer. While doing the simple house chores, you can keep track of your farm growing gradually. As you focus on real-world activities, your farm will gradually grow without any excessive care. Moreover, the gameplay isn’t just based on farming, you can sprinkle some of your creativity over the video game and generate different results.

The video game boasts pixelated graphics with charming characters. PomoFarm is available for an unexpectedly cheap price on Steam.

Hero Wars

The video games you see featuring in advertisements aren’t good at all, those video games fail to deliver what they showcase in short clips. However, Hero Wars is an exception. It’s an online RPG, where you will be engaging in battles against Archdemon and his dangerous army.

Players can use the hard-earned credits to upgrade their character and unlock numerous skills. The gameplay may not be too difficult to comprehend but it still demands the active presence of logic, as you will be eliminating enemies by aligning your character from lowest number to highest.

Adventure Capitalist (Best Idle Game for Idle Games Enthusiasts on PC)

Adventure Capitalist is an exciting idle game that challenges your entrepreneurial mindset. You will start from a lemon-selling stall and escalate to starting your business even in interstellar space. To build your financial empire, you need raw cash. And that can be acquired from collecting profits from your blooming business. In short, it’s a content chain of earning, investing, and earning even more.

Adventure Capitalist’s gameplay isn’t much different from Cookie Clicker or other clicker games. It requires patience alongside some tactical approach.


Plantera is a causal clicker game where you manage a garden. In this charming video game, you cultivate plants, trees, bushes, and even animals. Moreover, the video game allows you to build and customize your garden. To make your everyday tasks easier, you can seek help from creatures called “Helpers.” They are efficient in the task they have been bestowed and you can use them to assist you in ordinary tasks like picking up harvested goods. Furthermore, these tiny creatures can play on your behalf as you go afk.

Plantera is a progressive video game, as you level up, you unlock new plants and animals.

Luna’s Fishing Garden (One of the Finest Idle Games on PC)

Fishing games require pure concentration and the utmost dedication. Luna’s Fishing Garden invites players to a whimsical world that belongs to a mysterious fox-like spirit called Luna. The video game allows players the requisite freedom to cultivate a garden and raise animals and fish at any pace. Moreover, players can design their garden and watch it flourish. Players can be creative and immersed in the sandbox elements this video game offers.

The video game boasts satisfying gameplay with pixelated yet cute graphics. Luna’s Fishing Garden is an otherworldly experience.


Spaceplan is an intriguing idle game that features an enchanting premise. In this odd-looking game, players find themselves stranded on a spaceship that is orbiting an unknown planet. What’s more interesting is that the ship is fueled by potatoes. Its power source is potatoes. Your primary objective is to investigate the mysteries surrounding you using potato-based devices and probes.

Everything will have a meaning once you reach higher levels, the existence of the strange galaxy surrounding you will also speak for itself.

Conclusion: Greatest Idle Games on PC

A quick question, how do you rate Idle games on PC? Whether you are new to the genre or a veteran, we are sure idle games can alter your views on the clicker and point-and-click games. These games require less effort with high stakes and you can play them even if you are away from the keyboard.

If this type of blog intrigues you, make sure to inform us through the comments or our social media handles—Facebook and Instagram. We will try to bring what you wish to immerse in.

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