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Horror Games PS5: The Thrilling Adventure in Abyss of Darkness

Horror Games PS5

Horror is one of the fine video game genres, the early stages of its production take people back to the 1970s when the first title struck the gaming community, since then the tally of immaculate production of phenomenal horror games has upped on every device, including Windows and PS5. However, playing horror games on PS5 with nearly realistic graphics sets a whole new bar. Let’s embark on a journey of the haunting titles of horror games.

10. Dredge

When playing horror games, you will feel chills in your spine. And on the other hand, playing satisfying video games calms an individual. How about playing something that merges both genres to create something explosive and captivating? Dredge is primarily an exploration and fishing video game, where you control a small motorized boat and carry out your adventures on it.

The video game operates on a day-and-night cycle, where you can fish limitlessly to earn supplies. You can also participate in mini-games, that will enhance your experience. However, at night things aren’t the same as the day. The sea is lurking with supernatural creatures who are ready to devour you as quickly as possible. The physics of the game is insanely realistic, and the waves work well on your boat, slowing down your boat and also changing its direction.

09. Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel: Relive in A Cosmic Reality, Play One Of The Best Horror PS5 Games

Survival indie games are short and to the point, most of the video games follow this setting: there’s something supernatural haunting the protagonist or a set of primary characters, and we have to prevent it from causing havoc. But here’s the catch, Fobia – St Dinfna Hotel is a little different than most indie games. This video game elaborates on the horror genre based on the elements of human experiments, fanatical cults, and timeline manipulation. The video game takes place in a haunted hotel, where you have to survive by collecting supplies, running, and hiding.

The video game narrates the video game from the first-person perspective. This video game is brimming with loads of puzzles and solving them opens up your path for advancing.

08. Dying Light 2

Zombies are one of the most cunning entities, they are always in hordes and are always ready to jump at you. Dying Light 2 is a horror-survival video game that depicts how nightmarish it is to live in a world where humans don’t rule, instead, it’s zombies who run the business. The video game takes place 22 years after the events of Dying Light. In the video game, Aiden Caldwell is a protagonist who is well-trained at doing parkour.

As Aiden, you have to strategize both your movement and your combat. The ruined infrastructures, deserted areas, and greenish biomes attract players to explore the open world. You can be one of such individuals if you join the video game.

07. Returnal: One of the Best Sci-Fi Horror Games on PS5

Returnal is a psychological suspense and action shooting video game. It’s a roguelike video game, that narrates the story of Selene Vassos an astronaut who is searching for an enigmatic “White Shadow” signal. However, after landing on the planet Atropos, she finds herself stuck in a constant loop. On the strange planet of Atropos, there reside extraterrestrial entities, she must face them and find her way out. A death results in the penalty of resurrection from the start.

Selene’s high-tech gun assists her in eliminating xenomorph creatures. In brief, the combat aspect of the video game is well-seasoned and tested. And the video game comes with nearly no errors or technical faults.

06. Visage

In this video game, you will be stuck in a ginormous house, where you will encounter various abnormal misdeeds. In this house, many families were slaughtered, and some even went insane. Every room bears its own story, when exploring you will relive the terrifying fragments of past events. While exploring a way out, you will encounter endless mazes, dead rooms, and corny corners.

The video game is sensitive to people with photosensitive epilepsy. However, this isn’t due to a lack of production attention, the color saturation, visual quality, and high-quality graphics are the reason.

05. Ad Infinitum: Experience the Cruelity of World War I in One of the Best PS5 Horror Games

Horror games require a person with a strong heart and a strong will, but if this isn’t already enough, there’s also a game called Ad Infinitum that blends the theme with the events of World War I. Ad Infinitum immerses players in the perspective of a German soldier, who finds himself stranded in an underground manor house and also gets transported to the midst of World War I, where the horrors of war overshadow the terrifying creatures.

While exploring you will encounter death traps, find clues, solve puzzles, and battle horrifying creatures.

04. The Last of Us Part II Remastered

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is a well-optimized version of The Last of Us Part II for the PlayStation 5. The beautiful and creepy world of The Last of Us and the depiction of Abby and Ellie’s tale is brought to life with vibrant and detailed colors.

The narrative remains the same for both the original and the remastered versions. Although, there are some additions in the remastered version. Such as new roguelike mode, enhanced visuals and stunning graphics, and better sound quality.

03. Dead Space: One of the Most Immersing PS5 Horror Games

Dead Space is a stunning Sci-Fi video game that takes place in space. The video game follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer at USG Ishimura, who is battling against hostile creatures called Necromorphs. Inevitably, the video game isn’t only about fighting with otherworldly creatures, you have to conquer your fears and overcome your crumbling insanity.

In Dead Space, you must strategize your every step, on wrong slip can be tremendously expensive. The graphics and vibrant colors combo suit the dark atmosphere and give life to hardcore horror scenes. The video game depicts violence, blood, and numerous graphical scenes, it’s a Rated R video game.

02. Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is the remastered version of the 2010s original video game Alan Wake. Technically it is also a sequel and a standoff. To not confuse things, the plot isn’t exact in both games, and you don’t need to play Alan Wake to comprehend the narrative of Alan Wake 2. Players can play the video game from two characters’ perspectives. The plot takes place 13 years after Alan Wake went missing. In the town of Bright Falls, a series of crimes relentlessly occur. And to prevent it an FBI agent, Saga Anderson takes charge of the case.

The video game breaks the environment seamlessly into psychological horror and action adventure. The visuals and details in each frame are mind-boggling, such tiny things unveil how great the video game is from all aspects.

01. Resident Evil 4 (2023): The Best of Our Horror PS5 Games

Resident Evil 4 is an iconic survival horror game. Initially, it came for PS4 but later was updated to work on PS4 as well as PS5. The critically acclaimed video game features everything that a lifelong Resident Evil would wish for. The video game is reminiscent of cult classic Capcom gameplay as you step into the universe of extreme horror and survival. The survival aspect is insanely realistic, the parasitic giants standing still is sufficient to get your nerves running.

While preserving the storyline, the newer content has been added to the remake. With modern controls, enhanced audio, dynamic graphics, and above all, the procedural framework is optimized.

Conclusion: Inevitable List of The Best Horror Games PS5

Nothing beats the Horror genre, when it comes to refreshing your brain. Are you sleepy? Play these enlisted video games, we guarantee you won’t make a straight run for more than 30 minutes without pausing the video game. Do you accept the challenge? Tell us in the comments. And before you leave check our Facebook and Instagram. You will find the latest news, creative listicles, and quick reviews on our handles.

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