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Half of All PlayStation Gamers Are Yet to Upgrade to PS5

PlayStation Gamers Are Yet to Upgrade to PS5

Sony has just revealed a crazy stat that is leaving gamers discombobulated, half of all PlayStation gamers are yet to upgrade to PS5. The PlayStation 5 is entering the second phase of its life. But there are still loads of registered PlayStation users, who haven’t upgraded to the current gen.

Half of All PlayStation Gamers Are Yet to Upgrade to PS5

Sony announced this week that the PlayStation has 118 million active users. But around half the number is on PS4 and PS3 combined. PS5 has sold 59 million units globally since its launch in November 2020. Unveiling that there are still about 59 million users who have yet to upgrade their system.

While disclosing the fact about half of the PlayStation gamers have yet to upgrade to PS5, Sony also revealed that the PlayStation 5 is in the second half of its life cycle. In February, Sony confirmed that the PS4 lasted for about 7 years before falling into eternal slumber. While PS5 sales are already winding down in just 4 years. Making it the shortest lifespan of any PlayStation console due to half of the gamers yet to upgrade to PS5.

Why Have So Many PlayStation Users Held Off From Upgrading to the Latest Gen Console?

The speculation and suggestion unravel that most games played in the US and Europe are available on previous console generations. The games are all available on PS4—Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, GTA 5, and Call of Duty. If there is any console that can run any of these five games or all five games, then people are fine with sticking to it.

As PS5 sales start to decline and half of PlayStation players have yet to upgrade, Sony is expected to launch the PS5 Pro in 2025. Players will be content to experience Grand Theft Auto 6 using their brand-new PS5 Pro.

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