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GTA 6 is Confirmed for Fall 2025, Amid Questions about Delays

GTA 6 Delays

GTA 6 is confirmed for a fall 2025 release, with no more delays. Rumors about the game’s production falling behind the schedule were circulating, leaving players devastated and frustrated.

GTA 6 Confirmed to Hit the Gaming World in Fall 2015

GTA 6 is a highly anticipated video game often deemed as the greatest video game of all time by game enthusiasts. The GTA games franchise has evolved significantly throughout the years. However, GTA 6 has exceeded players’ expectations, setting standards high for themselves.

Not too long ago, the speculation about the GTA 6 delays was garnering attention. The rumors spoke about how the workers were struggling with the unwanted return-to-office mandate. The video game which was initially going to hit in the first half of 2025 might slip into 2026.

While some fans believed the claims, the news turned out to be Déjà vu. The target is firmly 2025, the talk regarding the push-in release is an absurd lie.

The Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, when asked about the delay concerns regarding GTA 6 said “We do feel highly confident that we’ll deliver Grand Theft Auto VI in the fall of 2025, there will be no delays hopefully.” There was some surety in his words, however, the future is uncertain, and there are still thin chances of the video game becoming subject to delays.

Rockstar Games revealed Grand Theft Auto 6 with a staggering trailer, taking the GTA fanatics like a storm. The game takes place in modern-day Leonida, a fictionalized version of Florida. The video game will initially launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The PC version will not be available at the release. Hopefully, it doesn’t make users wait for years, and launch sooner.

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