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PS4 Market Share over 90% in Europe



PS4 sales have been incredibly robust in Europe. In fact, the console has a major market share compared to its rivals. Sony Europe president Jim Ryan clarified the PlayStation 4 has no less than 70 percent of the piece of the overall industry in all European nations, with it cresting at 90 percent in certain countries.

Generally, PlayStation deals have been much more grounded in Europe than those of Microsoft’s Xbox, which customarily performs better in North America and the UK. This has changed as of late, nonetheless, because of the PlayStation 4 dispatching in most European nations before the end of 2013, while the Xbox One didn’t manifest until late 2014.

PS4 has been dominating the market ever since both platforms, PS4 and Xbox One, were released in November of 2013. As of April the PlayStation 4 has sold over 22.3 million consoles and are expected to sell 38 million by March of 2016. Microsoft, however, the only sales update was last November, when almost 10 million had been sold-into retailers – not to gamers.

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