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The Best Roblox Games of All Time

best roblox games of all time

It’s time for the truth, it’s time for the best Roblox games of all time. Roblox might be one of the oldest platforms where the creators experiment and demonstrate their talents. Roblox is also the platform where the best titles emerge, games that outrank even AAA titles. In this blog, we are looking at the best games this extensive hub offered throughout its 2 decades lifecycle.

Brookhaven RP

When there are talks about RP, leaving Brookhaven RP out of the conversation is nothing short of committing a crime. Brookhaven RP is an exciting role-playing experience on Roblox. The video game respects the elements of RP, allowing players to explore a virtual city, interact with players, live in amazing houses, and show off their collection of cool vehicles.

You can create your unique story, starting from choosing your profession to thriving on it. You can be a detective, a chief, or an engineer. This video game lets you fulfill your dreams of living a luxurious virtual life.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a game for the admirers of anime. It’s a fun video game based on the classic anime called One Piece. Blox Fruits is a game where consuming mysterious fruits gives players extraordinary abilities. The fruits are divided into different classes, based on the power they bestow and their rarity.

The Blox Fruits can be obtained in several different ways, from picking up the fruits that spawn hourly to buying fruits from the dealer, each option comes with fair advantages and losses. The objective of Blox Fruits is to become a formidable fighter by consuming the enigmatic fruits and mastering their abilities.

Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 is a delightful video game from the Pet Simulator series and is among the best Roblox games of all time. It’s a game about simulating supernatural pets through various real-world activities. Pet Simulator 99 is about collecting in-game currency—coins, and diamonds, to unlock powerful pets. With over 1000 pets and countless terrains, the video game becomes a heart-throbbing experience.

Pet Simulator 99 is a pet-collecting adventure, that allows enthusiasts to experiment and exploit their creativity. The video game caters to people of all ages and genders, from kids to adults, from male to female, the video game partially shapes the story.

All-Star Tower Defence

Tower Defense video games have a healthy reputation and so do anime games. Merging both mediums will provide something explosive, and that intriguing piece of art is All-Star Tower Defence. This is a game about equipping and deploying a powerful arsenal to prevent the enemy from infiltrating.

The units are absolute, demonstrating their strength by fending off extremely powerful opponents. To overcome the challenges, players can upgrade their troops, and weaponry and open space for new forces.

Jailbreak (Experience A Never-Experienced Experience in One of the Best Roblox Games of All Time)

With more than 18,000 active users, Jailbreak inarguably makes it into the best games. The video game revolves around engaging in criminal activities. The objective is to break out of the prison, while the cops try to pursue you. As a fugitive, you will engage in various heists, trying to make a name for yourself in the underworld.

Jailbreak offers a dynamic environment, where players can not only play as criminals but also assume the role of cops, apprehending the criminals. The video game has a large base, where you can form new friendships and have delightful sessions with your teammates.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is a fantastic game that revolves around adopting and taking care of different breeds of pets, which hatch eggs. The eggs are ranked based on exclusivity and rarity. At the start, the players receive a starting egg, which either hatches a cat or a dog.

The pets are classified into five different groups: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. While some eggs can be obtained through exchanges, others are available in the store, available for purchase.

The video game features various activities, such as trading and collecting pets, building beautiful houses, and creating a role-playing experience.

MeepCity (The Title Amid the Best Roblox Games of All Time that Ignites Love for the Roblox)

MeepCity is always lingering on players’ discovery pages, due to its creative gameplay that enchants even newbies. In this game, players will experience residing in a virtual world, chatting and playing together with local players, and customizing their estates.

MeepCity is a social simulation game. While it doesn’t follow the traditional RP elements, the video game allows players to create their roles and an interactive environment. The video game emphasizes socializing and customizing.

MeepCity was the first video game to reach 1 billion visits. It still has plenty of concurrent players, logging in to progress with their virtual world.


BedWars is a classic strategy-based combat video game inspired by Minecraft and Hypixel. The video game is about resource management, defending bases in the form of “Bed” and attacking the opponent—destroying their beds. If a player is eliminated, they can respawn until their bed is destroyed. If the bed is destroyed, players still have a chance to turn the tides by surviving and eliminating the opponent teams.

BedWars has various enthralling modes, each driving player to crave for the win. Destroying enemy beds and overwhelming the opponents are your only ways to win.

Tower of Hell (A Unique Title Among the Best Roblox Games of All Time)

Tower of Hell is an adrenaline-pumping obstacles-overcoming video game. The video game is popular for featuring the unique and engrossing concept of racing to the top of the tower called the Tower of Hell. To sprinkle some creativity over the straightforward gameplay, the video game doesn’t feature any checkpoints. Moreover, there is a time limit that players need to finish within, the time is typically 8 minutes.

The Tower of Hell can be a frustrating experience, with no time to rest, the precision as well as strategic approach can win you the game.

Royale High

Royale High invites players to an enchanting magical world. It’s an open-world sandbox video game where players can immerse themselves in exploring extensive sites, and exquisite environments and thriving on rich premises. In Royale High, you can make cute outfits, earn in-game currency to buy luxurious and rare items, and create your RP experience.

The video game encompasses puzzling and dreadful quests, which are hard to overcome but reward you greatly when completed. But then again, Royale High allows you to experience what the royalty goes through.

Conclusion: Best Roblox Games of All Time

Roblox is indeed nowhere close to being called a declining platform. It is still doing as good as it did a decade ago. Moreover, Roblox is consistent now more than ever with the updates, providing players with sublime and gripping gameplay. This blog was certainly about unraveling the best titles Roblox has produced in its lifetime. Check them out to get a grasp of how good the Roblox games are.

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