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10 Games to Play If You Like GTA Games

games like gta

Be it open-world games or games like GTA, they are relatively hard to produce due to their massive scale. However, there is a world of open-world games that you probably haven’t explored, the world of exciting and alluring titles that reminisce players of GTA. These videos aren’t entirely based on open-world elements as some of them emphasize the sub-genres that GTA games feature such as Action, Simulation, or even crime thriller. Let’s Dive into the open-world games world and indulge in elusive yet enchanting titles.

10. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is often called the modern clone of GTA as a compliment. It is a product of Ubisoft, which is known for delving into intensive topics with enormous details. In Watch Dogs 2, you won’t have guns to shoot or engage in melee combat, instead, you will assume the role of a brilliant hacker named Marcus Holloway. Alongside his newly established crew, Marcus initiates his plans of executing one of the biggest hacks in history.

Watch Dogs 2 enhances players’ experience with its extensive map. Players can experience the beauty of the city by hacking into the infrastructures and private properties. As you progress, you will be unlocking different skills to help you execute the challenging missions more efficiently.

09. Just Cause 3

If there is any video game that emphasizes recklessness and hard-core action scenarios, it has to be Just Cause 3. The protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, is the James Bond of the open-world games. Rico has accepted the mission of flattening the sovereign General Di Ravello’s reign. To achieve the feat of stripping him of his throne, Rico needs to investigate and find openings that can lead him to infiltrate inside.

To spice things up unusually, Just Cause 3 features an abnormally large open-world map with beautiful landscapes and numerous sites to keep players stunned. Furthermore, players can participate in side missions located in concealed areas of the map. Among the games like GTA Just Cause 3 remains the only title that provides more competitive gameplay.

08. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure video game that is reliant on combat and shooting mechanisms. The video game comes from the Yakuza series, which is popular for its near-real-life replication of Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, and it also boasts the concept of gangster-like factions sprawling around the city, demonstrating their dominance and dictatorship over the world.

Despite all the craziness the video game offers, its combat mechanisms are relatively well-clear for every open-world title. The video game allows players to switch between 3 fighting styles that are decisive when in a brawl.

07. The Simpsons: Hit And Run

The Simpsons: Hit And Run is a GTA clone set in the Simpsons world. It is reminiscent of GTA 3 because of its 3-dimensional texture quality, similar driving mechanics and an expansive map. The video game takes place in Springfield, an interactive world with beautiful cityscapes.

The Simpsons: Hit And Run comes with several levels, which center on several elusive stories and intriguing tasks. In the video game, players get to control iconic Simpsons characters, which are Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Apu. Using these characters, players can perform simple tasks like sprinting, walking, jumping and even throwing hands at an enemy. Hence, why it is known as the Cartoon-ish GTA Parody.

06. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is an action-adventure video game from the engrossing open-world video games franchise, Saints Row. The characters in Saints Row: The Third are relatively humorous and have elusive personalities. It features fast-paced gameplay with intense action sequences and impressive storytelling, leaving players stunned in awe.

In the video game, the Saints are aiming to expand their territory and claim different neighborhoods. However, the Syndicate, an evil crime organization, is ready to flatten their plan.

05. Watch Dogs: Legion

The Watch Dogs series is famous for its enthralling gameplay which reminds players about GTA games, specifically GTA 5. Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure video game that exploits creativity to the maximum. The video game takes players to a distant future, where we witness the downfall of London. The city is under the oppressive surveillance of a private military organization called Albion.

The video game features an extensive open-world representation of London. Where you have the freedom to explore nooks and crannies, hack into systems, and uncover secrets.

04. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-adventure video game that takes place in a futuristic open world. Despite featuring a humungous map, the video game leans more toward the RPG elements. It is set around the customizable character called V. Who navigates the sprawling cityscapes endlessly. Moreover, his adventures are centered on committing perilous tasks in the metropolis inspired by Los Angeles.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers solid combat and shooting mechanics, with a variety of different tricks and tactics that can be applied to enhance the gameplay experience.

03. Mafia: Definitive Edition (A British Clone, Games Like GTA)

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a crime sandbox thriller video game remake of the classic video game The Mafia. The definitive edition features a similar storyline with some in-depth additions to it. In comparison to the original video game, the remake allows players to follow Tommy Angelo, with utmost detail. The video game has significant changes to graphics, not only the character models and art style are different but the lightning effect and realism are unbelievably mind-blowing.

The Mafia video game series is renowned for its dynamic representation of fictional New York City, Lost Heavens. Moreover, the missions revolve around exploring the cityscapes and fighting crime organizations residing in the city.

02. Sleeping Dogs (A Creative Game From Open-World Games Like GTA)

Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure open-world video game that offers captivating gameplay with quality graphics to please GTA consumers. The entirety of the video game is based on combat, exploration, and action.

Sleeping Dogs revolves around Wei Shen, a skilled police officer who serves as a Hong Kong police officer. His mission is to dismantle the territory of the Sun On Yee Triad, a notorious organization behind the crimes.

Sleeping Dogs provides a realistic experience, allowing players to immerse in beautiful landscapes and stunning graphics.

01. Red Dead Redemption 2 (An Impeccable Title From the Games Like GTA)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a monumental achievement in the world of gaming. It’s an extensive video game franchise from the Rockstar Games. It is popular for its depiction of sprawling Western cultures and how in-depth it drives the narrative. Red Dead Redemption 2 revolves around Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang, a bunch of outlaws who are seeking peace in a revolutionizing West.

The video game offers an expansive map with an extraordinary amount of activities to indulge in. Whether you are exploring the wilderness or engaging in intense shootouts, this video game is without a doubt of the same caliber as GTA games.

Wrapping Up: The Best Games Like GTA

Open world is a diverse genre in video games, it can be extensive to the point where even imagination could fall short. It’s a popular genre in modern video games due to its excess implementation in practically every action-adventure video game. If you want to immerse in meticulously detailed open-world games that feature similar gameplay to GTA,  this list can help you. We hope this list quenched your thirst, if it did, make sure to check out similar posts. Here’s a recommendation: Open-world Games to Play If You Like Skyrim

If you want more, comment in the comments section, tell us your needs and we will try to fulfill them. You can also contact us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we publish relevant video game content.

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