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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Boston After Dark

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The second Raildroad mission is pretty interesting and very dangerous too. You need to rescue a certain synth from the Institute’s hands and that won’t be easy. Don’t get tricked and find out how to complete this mission without dying.

After completing the Tradecraft mission and learning the ways of the Railroad, you must retrieve an important prototype to Doctor Carrington at the Raildroad HQ, then the Boston After Dark assignment starts. The mission is a bit stealthy but it catches up with intense fights later on. Let’s see what must be done to save the mysterious synth.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Dead Drop1. Dead Drop’s Location

Move to the first location and investigate. You’ll find a decomposing corpse in a car and a mail with loot. Take it all and a new objective will appear in your screen. Move towards the next location.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Old Man Stockton Location2. Bunker Hill

The second location can be confusing because you won’t actually find it outside. It’s inside a settlement called the Bunker Hill. Get pass and look for a man in a suit (Old Man Stockton) at the designed location. Talk to him to understand what’s going on.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Rendezvous Point3. Rendezvous Point

The swapping point is in a nearby church. Head there and clear the area. There will be a few raiders but nothing special. Then, wait until night. That’s when the Old Man Stockton shows up with the “package”.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Wait Until Night4. Follow High Rise

Soon after the Old Man Stockton leaves, a Railroad contact will appear to pick the synth, his name is High Rise and he’ll lead you to your final destination. Follow him and get ready for war.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - First War Strategy5. First War Strategy

The first war spot is just ahead of the church, stay as back as possible and prepare your projectiles. Don’t go near the truck or car, as they will explode any time soon. Mutants and raiders will try to take you down, you just need to shoot and throw grenades at them from afar and wait until High Rise kills the rest.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Second War Strategy6. Second War Strategy

When you spot a small outpost, it means mutants are awaiting you there. Kill them with projectiles at the door, if you still have any left, or go inside and shoot them out. Then, use the terminal inside to disable all turrets in the nearby zone.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark - Talk to High Rise7. Follow and Talk to High Rise

The final location is High Rise’s settlement. When you get there, the mission will be almost complete. You can get inside and pick up any supplies you need. It won’t be considered stealing since he’s part of the faction too.


Fallout 4 - Boston After Dark8. Talk to Carrington

Head back to the Railroad’s HQ and finish the mission by talking with Doctor Carrington. The next dialogue will give you the opportunity to raise your reputation with him and Deacon (if he’s with you).


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