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Life is Strange Episode 5 Guide: How to Solve the Hall Maze

Life is Strange Tornado

At the last moments of Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized, players have to go through a hall maze that can be annoying to solve. Here’s how to quickly do it simply by using logic and a bit of persistence.

After talking to Mr. Jefferson in the twisted crazy reality, Max will enter in the female dormitory which happens to be an endless maze. To escape this nightmare, players must find certain key elements that are not always obvious. If you’re looking for a solution, then just forget luck and blind guesses and follow the steps below.

Life is Strange Hall Maze1. Take the Keys

Before trying anything, just head to the middle of the room and turn right near the shower room entrace. You’ll find a table with some keys on it. Get close and pick them up.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2. Follow the Voices

Now, if you pay attention to the voices shouting tips and random messages, you’ll realize that they belong to certain female characters in game. Also, if you’re wondering how to know each character’s room number, you can just view the map that appears at the start of the maze at the right wall.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.1. Dana Warden’s Room

The first voice is Dana’s. Meaning you should directly to her room, door 218. Once you get inside, the entire scene will shake and Max will appear in Rachel’s old clothes.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.2. Taylor Christensen’s Room

The next pick is Taylor’s room, number 224. Upon crossing, Max disappears and gets replaced by Victoria.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.3. Victoria Chase’s Room

This one is very obvious, both voice and character belong to Victoria. The solution is quite linear, simply enter her room 221.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.4. Max Caulfield’s Room

Finally, after entering Victoria’s room you become Max again and the dormitory’s walls become filled with Max’s shoots. The answer is obvious, it’s Max’ room 219.

Done! The maze is now complete and Max will enter a new scene where reality is literally backwards. Most people are having difficulties doing this part but as you can see, it takes about one minute to fully solve it.

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