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How Much Storage Do You Need for Games in 2024?

How Much Storage Do You Need for Games in 2024

How Much Storage Do You Need for Games in 2024? Since everything is growing big, even the video game industry, the lack of storage space isn’t something gamers are taking for granted. But how much storage space is required to play AAA titles is something most aren’t aware of yet.

How Much Storage Do You Need for Games in 2024?

Before the 2020s, gaming required relatively large storage space, as the video games then had also massive install sizes. But as technological advancements are flourishing year by year, modern video games are demanding twice the storage space they needed for consoles and Windows in the last decade. And realistically consumers are decisively okay with purchasing SSDs and SD Cards to play contemporary games, particularly AAA games.

Let’s take a look at the gaming consoles that come with fairly large in-built storage:

Gaming Consoles

  • PS5 Slim: Comes with about 850GB of usable storage.
  • Xbox Series X: 802GB accessible storage Space
  • PS5: The Face of modern consoles comes with 667.2GB of usable storage.
  • Xbox Series S: The powerhouse from Xbox has about 360GB of usable storage.
  • Nintendo Switch OLED: Provides 57.9GB of usable storage.
  • Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite: The current best handheld console comes with roughly 25.9GB of usable storage.

Most of these consoles are upgradeable. In some cases, users can purchase external hard drives, and SD Cards, and even buy premium cloud storage. Remember the storage requirements are dependent on several factors, the gaming consoles and install sizes play a crucial role.

Windows (Gaming PCs)

Gaming PCs are flexible when it comes to storage, users can purchase any type of storage device and install it without breaking a sweat. Experts and technicians recommend buyers purchase the storage based on how they will be using it. In most cases, 500GB of SSD is the bare minimum that should do most work and cater to different needs. However, when it comes to extreme and hardcore gaming on PCs, going with 500GB storage isn’t a great decision. Users should seek to purchase internal storage that is extremely rapid and can load a few games.

However, it is recommended to enhance your PC with the required storage, calculate, and choose what’s best for you, overdoing will strain your power consumption.

Overall, gaming has come a long way, if you want to indulge in the best existential titles, you must increase your storage. We hope you won’t question How Much Storage Do You Need for Games in 2024 anymore. This blog will significantly change your views of modern gaming.

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