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Watch Dogs: World Size and Combat Mechanics Unveiled

Watch Dogs Minimum System Requirements


Ubisoft’s Creative Director, Jonathan Morin has unveiled more information about Watch Dogs. This time the spotlight goes for combat mechanics, including enemies, skills and world size. Despite being April Fool’s Day, the details seem to be solid and accurate.

When questioned about Watch Dogs world map size, Morin clarified that the general map is undoubtedly big but the most important is not the size but the quality of the game:

@Jonathan Morin: Its big but Im not into the scale war. Scale for scale is pointless. More interested in the dept/density for a game like WD.

Until now, very few has been officially said regarding enemies and their difficulty. However, Morin advanced today that normal foes are quite easy to take down and they won’t survive more than three bullets at normal circumstances:

@Jonathan Morin: Normal foes die very fast (2-3 bullets if no headshot). But lets just say mean mother****** are better protected. ;)

As expected, elite enemies and bosses will require deeper strategies and combat mechanics. But in Watch Dogs, players will have plenty of freedom to choose their own tactical approaches. It’s true that most videos and trailers show a direct approach but that doesn’t mean that other tactics do not exist. In fact, Morin explained that stealth tactics will be one of the many possibilities, as players can sneaky hack and blow up things without being uncovered:

@Jonathan Morin: Yep, you can even blow stuff up through hacking without being detected.

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