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Someone’s pet fish just beat Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Siamese Fighting Fish edit

No you did not read that headline wrong. You’ve seen Twitch plays Pokemon but now is the time of fish plays Pokemon. YouTuber Mutekimaru had his pet fish play through the entirety of Pokemon Ruby and it somehow managed to complete the whole game from start to end.

The stream saw his Siamese Fighting Fish swim around his tank with button commands highlighted in the background. Whenever the little guy swam over a shown command it would trigger the equivalent in game. Given this controls scheme it’s nothing short of a minor miracle that the fish managed to overcome even the region champion, Steven.

A fish conquers Hoenn

Mutekimaru fish fighting Rayquaza

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are the third generation versions of Nintendo’s popular JRPG franchise. Originally released back in 2002, they are considered cult classics of the Game Boy Advanced era. An average playthrough of Ruby and Sapphire takes around 35 hours. The current glitch less speed run record is just under two hours. The fish’s time? Over 3000 hours.

It is worth noting that the fish didn’t complete the game entirely on its own. For parts that required significant travel across the world Mutekimaru provided a little assistance. However, for battles and the mass majority of moving around, it was all done by our fish friend.

For the sake of his fish’s health, there are actually two participants. Every 12 hours Mutekimaru switches the fish around so that they get a hard earned rest. This way they both get plenty of opportunity to rest but can still get to slaying region champions in their free time.

If you’re interested, their journey is still ongoing. Even after beating Steven, both fish are now tasked with overcoming Hoenn’s various legendaries. They’ve already beaten Rayquaza and Regirock but there’s still many to go. You can see the fish’s full Pokemon over on Mutekimaru’s official YouTube channel.



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