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Series of Comics and Animated Shorts Announced for Overwatch

During the Overwatch lore panel held at Blizzcon today, Jeff Chamberlain, the director of the reveal trailer shown off at last year’s Blizzcon, took the stage to announce a series of animated shorts exploring the story of Overwatch and its various characters.  One example was the origins of the gentlegorilla scientist Winston and how he was raised by the human scientist Dr. Harold Winston that he named himself after, which had several in-progress shots shown off at the panel.   Each short is planned to be its own self-contained story that can be enjoyed on its own rather than an ongoing storyline that demands each short be viewed in a specific order to understand everything that’s happening.  They also mentioned that they have plans to create a line of comic shorts that would be released online for free to further expound on the characters and lore.  The comics are currently planned for internal development rather than seeking out a known publisher.

Several other interesting details were revealed during the panel, such as confirming that the Morrison and Reyes skins that Soldier:76 and Reaper will be getting in the Origins Edition are their true identities.  Gabriel Reyes was actually the original leader of Overwatch, but preferred to work alone and regularly argued with Morrison on his methods.  They also confirmed that at least one of playable characters is homosexual, but they didn’t reveal who as they want the characterization to come across naturally rather than force it.  Perhaps the most amusing news is the discussion of Blizzard existing as a game developer in Overwatch‘s future.  D.Va is a Starcraft 6 player herself and there are several arcade cabinets of Blizzard games on some of the in-game maps, such as Lost Vikings 6 and Fighters of the Storm.  The best part is that, when asked about the possibility of a Blizzcon map, writer Chris Metzen stated that he had drawn up sketches of a map called Blizzneyland, although it seems unlikely that it will ever come into the game.  If you want to catch up on everything discussed in the panel, you can check out Reddit’s live commentary here.  What are your thoughts on the world of Overwatch?  Are you looking forward to the shorts and comics that Blizzard will be releasing?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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