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Kingdom Hearts IV May Release Next Year

Kingdom Hearts IV May Release Next Year

We got to hear about Kingdom Hearts IV and its production in April 2022 following the release of the third mainline entry in the franchise, however, the release date may not be this year, as the speculations are hinting that next year will be the best time for the video game to launch globally.

Everything The Trailer has Unveiled

The video game was announced with a trailer that aired shortly after the 20th anniversary of the video game franchise. The trailer did not reveal anything other than the visuals and introducing characters. However, fans were able to witness the content Kingdom Hearts 4 encompasses. The video game takes place in a real-life world known as the Quadratum. Players step into the shoes of Sora, the series’ original protagonist, to unveil Quadratum’s secrets.

Goofy and Donald Duck will be Sora’s loyal companions, but this time they will be embarking on their own adventure.

Kingdom Hearts IV May Release Next Year

The video game hasn’t officially announced to release next year, but the speculations and rumors have an impeccable foundation. The Kingdom Hearts video game series is popular for making fans wait for practically half a decade, before giving them the final piece. Since the trailer came in 2022, it was not surprising for gamers to anticipate the video game to launch in 2025 or even further in the future. Given the usual development cycle for video games like Kingdom Hearts IV, which is now the property of Disney, the video game takes a lot of time. It could potentially come next year.

The speculation for the video game’s release in 2025 was triggered by Daniel Richtman. After a post he made regarding the video game’s release date. Daniel is famous for leaking release dates and relevant news about games and films prior to their release date. Most of his speculations and predictions have proved to be accurate and factual. However, there wasn’t anything additional to his post that could hint more.

Realistically, it is safe to say that the video game is currently under development and may release next year. Moreover, the Kingdom Hearts 4 is going to launch another trailer anytime this year. This trailer will unravel the secrets the first trailer holds.

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