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The Best Toy Story Video Games Ranked

toy story video games

Toy Story is an iconic film series that is known for its creative idea of adding life to toys, in a literal sense, the franchise gained praise and popularity because of its distinctive concept and it also became extensive to the point where video games started to emerge and received acclaim from series’ faithful consumers.

Let’s discover with us the best Toy Story video games in this article. Let’s start our count now.

01. Toy Story 3 (The Best of Toy Story Video Games)

Toy Story 3 is an exciting 3D platform video game where we role-play through the events of Toy Story 3 in the film. The video game allows players to control Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and many more toys. Players experience the original story with some additions to it, however, the video game provides players the requisite freedom to explore the expansive world of Toy Story and be creative.

The video features numerous missions, mind-boggling puzzles, and diverse explorable areas.

The video game runs from different camera perspectives, players will be controlling their beloved toys from a top-down perspective to the 2.5D camera angle. Even though the video game was released in 2010, it encompasses visually enchanting graphics, capturing every character with utmost detail.

02. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue is an action-platformer that primarily focuses on Buzz Lightyear’s journey to rescue Woody from Al McWhiggin. Buzz’s journey isn’t easy as he has to overcome countless sweat-breaking missions, and if he is too late to the rescue, the consequences will be unimaginable. However, Buzz also has power-ups to help him overcome subtle situations. These power-ups are randomly placed on the maps, and they play a pivotal role in making the players advance to the next stages.

Additionally, the video game allows players to control Ham, Rex, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head.

The video game came to multiple platforms in 1999 with high-quality graphics for its time and standards. Moreover, the background and vibrant color scheme are mesmerizing.

03. Kingdom Hearts III (The Best Modern of Video Games to Feature Toy Story Toys)

There is a popular meme about this game circulating where we can witness Woody and Sora in it. Kingdom Hearts video game series is a property of Walt Disney and so is the Toy Story film and video game series, it was unexpected for both of these humongous titles to collaborate, but it wasn’t surprising.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Toy Story is introduced as the Toy Box. Where we can witness some of the iconic toys—Woody, Buzz, and Toy Soldiers. Players can indulge in the gameplay by fighting alongside them or hanging out with them. Moreover, the players can experience the memorable locations of the Toy Story world including the entirety of Andy’s house.

The primary objective of players is to rescue the kidnapped toys. And to achieve that, they have to strain their brain and energy on fighting the evil.

04. Toy Story (1995)

The original Toy Story, also known as Toy Story 1, is relatively a difficult video game to overcome. In comparison to the recent installments, which emphasize overcoming the obstacle courses, Toy Story was a challenging platformer, where we had to dodge, run, and attack simultaneously.

Toy Story follows the plot of the original Toy Story film. Where we step into the shoes of Woody, and take on the challenges representing stages and key points of various events of the film. The video game allows players to be creative with the gameplay and provides them with different stages where they can try out different things, such as racing with remote-controlled car or rescuing alien toys as a side mission.

Toy Story video game provides a pixelated yet consistent visual style, players can experience both fast-paced action and stuttering graphics. But the vast maps pay the difference.

05. Toy Story Racer (A Racing Toy Story Video Games Experience)

Disney has made its name in the kart racing video game genre, and Toy Story Racer was a part of its revolutionary transition. Toy Story Racer is a kart-racing video game that combines racing with typical sequences of the Toy Story film. The video game features the basic elements of racing, where the players aim to finish first, overcoming the racing veterans. However, the video game is more diverse than expected limitations. Players can experience the brutality of various gameplay modes, where every racer will demonstrate their impeccable traits by deploying different attacks.

On the racing track, you can find power-ups and weapons. You can use the power-ups strategically to increase your winning odds. The video game provides numerous Toy Story-themed tracks that the fans would find intriguing.

In addition to the tracks, the video game also features numerous characters, precisely 12 playable characters. These characters can be unlocked by progressing through different stages or earning in-game currency.

06. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is an enthralling video game centering on Buzz Lightyear and his perilous adventures. The video game is popular for its beautiful storytelling and how it blends the family-friendly toy world with science fiction. In the video game, Buzz Lightyear explores various fictional planets, each with its own challenges.

The objective of the video game is to defeat the bosses, conquering every stage. Buzz races against the bosses and at the end of that stage he must overcome his fears to come out victorious.

The upgrade system of the video game enhances the game experience to a great extent. Players can notice a significant change in their gameplay after upgrading their stats or using a shortcut.

Toy Story Smash It

Toy Story Smash It is a physics-based Toy Story video game that features challenging puzzles where knocking out objects is the primary objective. In the video game, players will be controlling Buzz who is eager to drop the bouncy balls to knock out aliens. These balls encompass abnormal abilities that can make a more abnormal impact.

To achieve a good score, you can become creative and smash the glass and bricks with uniqueness. Once you potentially put a high score performance, you can achieve 3 stars. In case you failed to obtain 3 stars, you can replay the level for a better score.

The video game certainly encompasses up to 60 playable levels. Furthermore, there’s plenty of content to keep you pumped.

Conclusion: Ranking the Best Toy Story Video Games

Toy Story is renowned for its intensive and flawless films and impressive character cast. However, the video games facet of Toy Story also gained its deserving popularity after the release of Toy Story 3. In this blog, we discovered some of the best video games from the Toy Story series that are still as good as ever. If you find these games captivating, check out similar content on our Blog and also on Facebook and Instagram.

Before you leave, comment on your favorite Toy Story video game, and tell us why it’s your favorite title from the franchise.

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