Nintendo’s bizarre Friend Code system explained thanks to new leak

Friend Code system

When dealing with Nintendo consoles there’s a particular part of online play which can be annoying. Friend codes. Every user is given a unique friend code and to add other players you need to manually all 12 digits one-by-one. But why doesn’t Nintendo just use a traditional friends list instead?

Thanks to a new leak we now know exactly why. A post on ResetEra details leaked information related to both the Wii’s design files and source code. As the first console to feature friend codes, Nintendo has a section specifically discussing those ever annoying 12-digit codes.

The reasoning behind Friend Codes

It turns out Nintendo’s largest motive was to avoid duplicate screen names. The design of all Nintendo consoles is streamlined to the point of impressive simplicity. Nintendo didn’t want its users getting lost as to how to do something. This includes error messages regarding duplicate names which would be unnecessarily confusing for less experienced players.

Equally, Nintendo didn’t want people to add other people by guessing their username. A degree of privacy and choice is important to Nintendo so it implemented a system where the player could always choose who to play with. After all, the likelihood of ever guessing someone’s friend code is very low.

nintendo wii friend code leak

Whilst some of these decisions feel a little unnecessary, it is worth noting they were made a long time ago. The Nintendo Wii didn’t debut until 2006 so it’s fair to say these design plan notes appeared at least a year or two before that.

Even so, the 2017 Nintendo Switch as well as their 2011 3DS both continue to use the age old friend code system. It’s difficult to know if the reason why is still the same or if it just became the standard for Nintendo. Either way, it looks like friend codes are here to stay.

Most Wanted contracts removed from Call of Duty: Warzone after just two days

Most Wanted

In the early hours last Tuesday, Infinity Ward dropped its latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone. As well as introducing the new Bruen Mk9 LMG and Gunsmith customs, it added a new contract to Warzone. Dubbed the Most Wanted contract, it has now been removed after being live for just two days.

The rapid change comes in response to community outcry slamming the decision to replace Bounty contracts. Whilst they were still available in solos, every other mode featured Most Wanted contracts in their place instead.

The problem with Most Wanted contracts

Many players were not happy with the new contract for a few reasons. For one, by removing Bounty contracts you also remove one of the largest motives for fast-paced, aggressive gameplay. Equally, the rewards for completing a Most Wanted contract were quickly drawn into question.

The idea was that when your team completes one, you are gifted with a team revive. The downside is that whilst active everyone on the map would know exactly where you were. Effectively a high risk, high reward option for skilled players to gain a huge advantage. However, when it released this was not the case. Instead, you would only revive already dead teammates meaning it is way too situational.

call of duty warzone most wanted contract acquired

In five minutes, you are better off just looking around for the money to revive your team. At $4500 per person, it is not that difficult to revive multiple teammates on your own. Just focus on completing Recon and Scavenger contracts and you will get the money in no time.

This is not Infinity Ward’s first community outcry and it will not be its last. The developer has been known to ignore community issues, so it is at least nice to see them addressing this so quickly. I would expect Most Wanted contracts to return at some point in the future and when they do, who knows what the player base will think.

Do not hold your breath for WWE 2K21, it’s been cancelled


The WWE franchise has been a staple of 2K Games’ sports catalogue since they acquired the rights in 2012. Going back further, THQ first began publishing the wrestling franchise way back at the turn of the century. However, a recent development has confirmed that, for the first time in 20 years, we won’t be getting a new WWE game.

In a call with Polygon, WWE interim chief financial officer Frank Riddick revealed that WWE 2K21 is not on the cards. Whilst Riddick didn’t detail exactly why, a 2K spokesperson has since told Polygon more information will follow this Monday.

WWE 2K21 cancelation is not surprising

WWE 2K21 gameplayAll things considered; it doesn’t take a genius to link the dots together. Simply put, WWE 2K20 was a completer failure of a video game. It currently sits at a shocking 43 on Metacritic with some critics such as Shacknews’ Chris Jarrard giving it just a 3/10.

Unsurprisingly, this had a direct impact on the wrestling games underwhelming sales. Although 2K aren’t overly keen to provide exact figures, it’s clear the publisher isn’t happy. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick acknowledged that WWEK 2K20 failed to meet expectations, both in terms of sales and quality.

To rub salt in the wound, there has even been suggestions that 2K Games hasn’t future proofed their titles. According to content creator Justin Leeper, it’s very possible that WWE 2K22 likely won’t make its way to PS5 or Xbox Series X. Instead, fans may have to settle on what will by then be a last-gen version of the game.

When all things are considered, 2K Games skipping a year might not be a bad thing. WWE 2K20 wasn’t good enough and it’s doubtful a year of development would be enough to change that. By taking a step back and reevaluating the state of the series, maybe things can improve long-term.

CRDQ has raised over $400,000 to help tackle COVID-19


The Cororavirus epidemic continues to worsen everyday with governments and companies alike failing to take the necessary measures. Whilst work on a cure and general relief is going on as I type this, a long-term solution still looks distant. But thanks to CRDQ, it might just come that little bit earlier.

The Corona Relief Done Quick speed running charity event has managed to raise just over $400,000 in just one weekend of gaming. This money will be used to distribute masks, gloves, and other sanitary goods to help tackle COViD-19.

CRDQ to the rescue!

CRDQ is the latest speed running focused charity drive ran by the good folks over at Games Done Quick. Since its early origins back in 2011, Games Done Quick has managed to raise over 26 million dollars spanning across 27 different events.

This latest event comes in response to the difficulties many governments are having in providing the necessary health tools. The issue is nowhere more apparent than in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, where several medical professionals have died due to not having the proper equipment.

CRDQ 2020 Nier Automata

With such limited time to prepare it’s understandable that CRDQ 2020 wasn’t the grandest of occasions. Regardless, it still had its share of standout speed runs that you won’t want to miss out on. My personal recommendations are Argick’s Sonic Mania, Etchy’s Pokemon Sword, and Danflesh’s Nier Automata. I found these to be particularly well explained and easy to follow thanks to the runners all doing a great job.

All of CRDQ’s streams are archived on the official GDQ Twitch and will continue to be so for 60 days from their initial broadcast. Beyond that, your best will be their YouTube page where various speed runs are being uploaded gradually. Be sure to keep an eye out for Summer Games Done Quick which will run August 16 through August 23.

Burnout Paradise Remastered coming to Switch this June, according to eShop leak

Burnout Paradise Remastered coming to Switch

Criterion Games’ Burnout Paradise is widely regarded as one of the greatest arcade racing games ever made. It first debuted in 2008 but got the green light for a remaster to mark its 10th anniversary in 2018. At the time it only released on PC, PS4, and Xbox, but a recent leak has confirmed a Switch port is on the way.

A listing for Burnout Paradise Remastered briefly appeared on the Nintendo eShop. On the details page, its estimated release date was listed as June 19th and the release price at $49.99. Nintendo has since left the listing up on its website, but the release date has been changed to just 2020.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Switch owners have plenty to be excited for as Burnout Paradise is set to fill a void in the hybrid console’s library. Outside of Mario Kart, the Switch is starved for great racing games. Decent enough titles like GRID Autosport, Gear Club Unlimited 2, and VRally 4 are all available but there’s nothing truly iconic.

Unfortunately, it appears that those interested will once again be hit with the age-old Switch tax. Many games released on Nintendo’s primary platform are prone to costing far more than the alternatives.

Burnout Paradise Remastered
Burnout Paradise Remastered

If Burnout Paradise Remastered does launch at $49.99, it will cost seven times that of the Origin PC release. Even the Xbox One and PS4 versions have long had their price dropped to just $19.99. If the extra money is worth the advantage of playing on the go is up to you to decide.

Given the recent bizarre Cooking Mama incident, it’s not a great sign to see another oversight on Nintendo’s behalf. Their store is good and offers some of the best quality control on the market. But if they keep letting these mishaps happen, it will catch up with them.

Trios return to Warzone’ Season 3 after community outcry


A couple of days ago Infinity Ward launched Warzone Season 3. This marked the beginning of a new battle pass as well as plenty of new content to go with it. However, when fans jumped online they couldn’t help but notice a glaring omission. The trios game mode was gone.

Previously, Warzone only allowed players to search for either solo or trios. To satisfy popular demand, Infinity Ward added Quads into Warzone so that teams of four could play together. Strangely though, the Call of Duty developer completely removed trios instead of making it another option. This has now been reverted after a community outcry on Reddit.

Trios are back, what about duos?

warzone season 3With the return of trios, fans are now asking a new question, Should we be expecting duos and, if yes, when? If the leak on Warzone’s official website is anything to go by, duos will be coming soon. We don’t know exactly when but somewhere within Season 3 seems very likely.

It will be interesting to see if duos becomes a permanent game mode or not. After all, Warzone’s biggest competitor Apex Legends is well known for only running duos as a timed event, not a core game mode. On the other hand, the likes of PUBG has always had the option available.

I have to give Infinity Ward credit for resolving this issue so quickly. In the past they’ve definitely been guilty of leaving game breaking oversights lying around for way too long. Case in point, it took them until January to even begin addressing the various Port of Verdansk under map exploits.

Looking forward, alongside the two new weapons (SKS and Renetti), players can also expect a new LMG later on in the season. Judging by its shape on the reveal poster, it’s most likely Call of Duty 4’s M249 SAW. Otherwise, other Warzone playlists will be following Trios’ addition with a shotgun and snipers only mode already confirmed.

Video Game Sales Soar as COVID-19 Imprisons Millions at Home


The video and online gaming industry is experiencing a great boom in their business as people are forced to stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown and turning towards such entertainment to kill time.

Nintendo announced its latest release in the Animal Crossing franchise, titled as New Horizon, on 20th March. According to Famitsu, a video game magazine, the game sold a staggering 1.8 million copies within a period of three days in Japan.

In UK, the sales of the game outnumbered the sales on all the previous installments in the franchise combined in the 1st week.

The game tempts players to build their own avatars and participate in activities like fishing and collecting items from different islands with the purpose of creating new items and spreading the virtual spaces.

Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC how the sales figures have exceeded the expectations. The game has been a huge hit due to the fact it is an antithesis to the issues people are encountering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the Harding-Rolls explains how Animal Crossing has moved beyond the one-tier seller and entered the big league. Apparently, the industry experts believe the COVID-19 outbreak had a huge role to play in the sudden surge in the game’s sales.

Although, all major cities worldwide have gone into a lockdown in order to contain the spread of COVID-19, but some authorities have even gone to a further extreme by shutting down businesses that aren’t considered “essential”. Hence, millions have opted the role of becoming a permanent home resident.

Daniel Ahmed, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, states that the pandemic has aided in the sudden surge in sales as more people are locked in their homes, and gaming is easily the safest, most cost-effective form of entertainment.

According to Andrew Little, research analyst at Global X, the consumer video game spending data indicates a considerable increase since the last month. In mid-March, consumers spent 65% more on video games as compared to the same time in 2019.

Another title, launched — Activision Blizzard’s free-to-play first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Warzone, was launched on 10th March and managed to acquire around 30 million players within a span of 10 days. Hence, we can safely that this is the fastest growing non-mobile game until now.

Staying connected through games

Beside the above games, it has been reported that the online service-based games will also see a drastic increase in demand through the pandemic, mainly because people are desperate to connect with others while in quarantine.

Currently, many online service-based titles are registering usage more than ever. Another major reason is that those who previously were not hardcore, frequent gamers, now have ample time to try and play more often.

Another group of people are returning gamers, folks who used to play in the past but have seen their interest wane with time. This group is also expected to come back and revive their old days.

Staying connected through games is the inclination. As people are restricted to meet in real world, at least they can connect and socialize with others across the globe in a virtual fashion.

How is the sector performing?

As the global economy has taken a direct hit from the COVID-19 in recent weeks, the video game industry has seemingly alleviated the impact much better than other major sectors worldwide.

For instance, VanEck’s Gaming and Esports ETF has risen by 2% year-to-date, while the ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF has dropped by only 5% due to the huge market sell-off.

In contrast to these, the Dow Jones Industrial Average alongside S&P 500 registered their worst ever quarter, dropping by almost 23.2% and 20% respectively.

Still, a clear, transparent impact on the video game sector is yet not determined. Although the upcoming, elite games could experience a significant push in online sales as consumers are happy to treat themselves more than ever at the home, the overall revenue figures will be negatively affected due to the shutdown of games retail stores in various major cities. Therefore, digital sales compensating for the overall loss might not be enough.

What Effects Does COVID-19 Has on the Gambling Industry?


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now in every continent (except for Antarctica) and disrupting virtually every business globally. Every government has taken measures to slow the pandemic and to reduce the impact the virus is having on its citizens. There is a sacrifice with every decision. Most people are under executive orders to remain indoors and to refrain from being near other people. This executive order caused restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, and places of worship to shut down in most places until the threat is over. Click here for a list of nonessential businesses.

Social Distancing

The latest term applied to the behavior of people is “Social Distancing.” This means to stay at least six feet away from any other person. Even if a person is in an essential business that can and should remain open and functional during the pandemic, he must remain six feet away from any other human being at all times.

Non-essential businesses, services, and travel are banned. This has forced many businesses to lock their doors and sent many employees home.

People need people

People need people. This is why we congregate. We socialize by meeting for meals, parties, and celebrations. This primal need is what drives us to casinos. We enjoy meeting our friends and meeting new friends. We want to have great food and drinks, enjoy shows, and to try our luck at the casino games. Everyone has their favorite game. Norske casinoer is an industry leader and a global expert on the game of poker. By definition, this casino would be a non-essential business. But for the poker lover, the social citizen, and the employees that work there, it is anything but.

The laws Norske casinoer operates under are some of the strictness laws in the world. They are tested and proven. Industry leader tests the caliber of gambling games offered to you at various venues. The combination of the quality of the site, the legal regulations enforced, and the expertise of the games, (especially Poker) puts this site at the head of the line.

Cutting expenses

All kinds of businesses are cutting to the bone trying to hold on until the pandemic passes. People are being laid off. Services are being halted in every industry. Restaurants have closed their dining room and eating out means a to-go window. No one is spending money. Food and supplies are being hoarded in some cases for fear that the food and supplies will run out before the economy stabilizes. In most places, going to a doctor means a video chat as they do not want you to come to their office for fear of what you may catch. Emergency rooms are overflowing and medical supplies are coming up short in global proportions. People are beginning to understand things can get worse before they get better.

Brick and mortar casinos are closed in most countries. The hotels that thrived from casino guests are closed. The restaurants that fed the visitors for days at a time are closed. The gift shops, stores, and nice restaurants that lead to the casinos are closed. Fuel stations are open, but there are curfews and laws that are being enforced, so people are not making the wasted trip. The estimates of how much the Coronavirus has cost the gambling industry is in the hundreds of billions and still climbing. In the United States, the losses in gaming have cost more than $113 billion and are growing daily.

When you add the additional expenses in the gambling industry, such as hotels, flights, car rentals, and food you can see why the number falls sharply every day.

Online casino to the rescue?

Online gambling is not a new adventure. Most people who gamble know about gambling online. Some are playing video games online which is a great way to group with your friends online.

The casino games are the same as the ones you see in the physical casino. The casinos go to great lengths to get you to play online. You will have fun and kill some time, and they will get your business that is concentrated online so it doesn’t dry up any of their fluid assets. This is because As people who are stuck in their homes and trying to find something to do, many are setting up online personal accounts.

The casinos are drawing the customers in with major perks. Browse the sites and find the best perks to get you in. You may be offered money/credits to play with, hundreds of free spins to get you started. If there is a promo elsewhere that you like, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The casinos are in a unique situation. They need to get through the pandemic whole, just like the rest of us.

Points of interest:

  • During the pandemic, most sporting events are canceled. If your sport is betting on football, horses, or other sports events, you will not find them at this time.
  • This is not the time to participate in any type of illegal gambling. Use a quality gambling site. Exercise caution before releasing payment methods.
  • If you find yourself gambling beyond what you can afford, seek help. Gambling and gaming are for adults. Do not spend more than you can afford. 

Every day we move forward toward the goal of getting rid of COVID-19. We will recover. Until then, we must all pull together, and we will survive.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered trailer leaked

Modern Warfare 2

Before Modern Warfare 2019 dropped many Call of Duty fans were hoping for a Modern Warfare 2 remaster. Unfortunately, neither Infinity Ward nor Activison Blizzard seemed overly interested at the time. However, that looks to be changing very soon if the recently leaked trailer is anything to go by.

Originally sourced from an early German PlayStation Store listing, the leaked trailer confirms the existence of an MW2 remaster. In the trailer we see many iconic moments from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. This includes the Gulag escape, snowmobile chase, and the ever iconic No Russian mission.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Modern Warfare 2 RemasteredExisting owners of Modern Warfare 2019 and Call of Duty Warzone will benefit from a new content drop too. The upcoming Classic Ghost Bundle will add Modern Warfare 2’s Ghost as an operator, as well as an M4A1 Task Force blueprint. As it features a unique finishing move, player card and plenty more, you can expect it to be on the pricier side.

Speaking of price, the listing itself had Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered available for $29.99. For that, you will get access to a graphically enhanced version of MW2’s seven-hour campaign. The trailer doesn’t provide any details of a potential Spec Ops game mode, meaning it probably won’t feature.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign RemasteredAs for when you can expect to play this, the trailer says, “Available now,” rather than stating a release date. Given this and the suggested release date in the leak, a launch as early as March 31 is a real possibility.

We have zero information regarding the multiplayer or if it will come in the future. With Modern Warfare 2019 being so successful, it seems unlikely Infinity Ward would launch another title to take away from it. If Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer did get remastered, it would split the player base. Instead, Call of Duty fans will probably have to wait until Treyarch’s 2020 title for something fresh.

The Epic Store is getting more exclusives, courtesy of the Spring 2020 update

Epic Store

It’s fair to say not everyone is a fan of the Epic Store. Many gamers don’t like having their favorite titles locked behind platform exclusivity. The end result is always requiring several launchers all installed just to play the games you own.

Unfortunately, Epic Games thinks differently. For the Fortnite publisher bringing exclusive titles to its platform has been key in the success of the Epic Store. Building on that, it today announced that even more exclusives will be coming in this month’s Spring 2020 update.

Epic Store exclusives

Most notably, on March 26 PC owners of Control will only be able to get the upcoming DLC, The Foundation, if they own it on the Epic Store. Equally, PlayStation 4 players will also get the DLC early. Any unlucky Xbox One users will have to wait until June whilst a Steam version is confirmed, we don’t know exactly when. But if the Epic Store exclusivity lasts a year, a Steam release should come sometime in late August.

Otherwise, both physics simulator Totally Reliable Delivery Service and city sim Industries of Titan will follow in April. Both of these are timed exclusive upcoming indie games that will later arrive in Steam sometime in 2021. Once again, a one-year exclusivity deal seems likely.

industries of titan

The debate of if exclusives are okay or not has gone on ever since the Epic Store made its debut. Many gamers are irritated that a platform lacking many fundamental features is forcing players to use it. Equally, Steam has become the default PC launcher over the last fifteen years. For many, they don’t want to move away from the comfort of what they know.

The counterpoint is that competition is always good. Even if having big titles like Borderlands 3 locked away behind exclusivity isn’t ideal, there’s no doubt it creates competition. If that hadn’t happened, many players wouldn’t have even bothered installing the Epic Store. Given that, this might be a necessary sacrifice to keep PC gaming healthy.