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GTA 5’s Michael Voice Actor Stans for GTA 6’s Protagonist “Lucia”

Michael Voice Actor

How Rockstar Games nominates voice actors who are identical to the characters they are voicing is mind-boggling. Roger Clark the voice of Arthur Morgan from The Red Dead Redemption has frequently revealed his aggressive demeanor in front of The RDR2 fans. Michael De Santa’s voice actor Ned Luke also has an explosive personality. He blatantly speaks what comes to his mind without worrying about anything. He may be a rude one, but he is an honest individual.

GTA 5’s Michael Voice Actor Believes “Lucia” is a Bold Character

Before the trailer reveal, Grand Theft Auto 6, or GTA 6 was all rumors and doubts. But its trailer brought the various communities all together to reminisce about the events and look forward to the future. The video game Grand Theft 6 will be coming next year, 2025. However, the exact release date remains a mystery.

Shortly, after the GTA 6 trailer’s release, Luke posted a video of him reacting to the trailer. He shared his thoughts about what he thinks of Lucia and the video game in general. He also had a little chat with, where he said, “Lucia is going to be big. There have been a few protagonists prior to the 3D Grand Theft Auto video games, but nothing is as big as Lucia. Judging her by the trailer, she is good-looking and attractive too.”

While describing Lucia, he also shielded Rockstar Games and commented, “People out there are throwing transparent comments, saying Rockstar is falling into the wokeness of the world.”

There’s no doubt that Luke regards Grand Theft Auto as one of the best games ever, and thinks highly of Lucia.

Will Lucia Lands to the Expectations?

“Rockstar Games” is known to astonish GTA fans with the gameplay. The gameplay trailer compared to the final release is tremendously unbelievable. After posting a trailer video on YouTube and their official social handles the company polishes the video game to a great extent. And Rockstar Games might be one of the few companies that promises better gameplay than the actual trailer.

Lucia’s character so far is likable. The character is calm and cool, and the 2 minutes of the trailer crack the most about her character.

If Rockstar Games is going to land to people’s expectations, which we believe will happen, Lucia will probably be the best character in the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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