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Best Strategy Board Games: Awaken the Best Version of Yourself

best strategy board games

Board games are cheaper, family-friendly, and are essential when training the brain to make quick and thoughtful decisions, although board game has to feature strategy elements. A board game that isn’t frustrating, can’t be called a strategy based-board game. But what board game challenges players the most? It’s time to unravel the ultimate list of the finest board games.


Monopoly may be an old video game but as old as most video games on this list. To win a game, the player requires luck more than anything, more than a brain. The gameplay works with two dice, each player takes turns throwing the dice onto the board and making a move according to how many numbers appear on both dice combined. The player who earns the most fortune by the end wins it all. Players also have to keep an eye on the opponent’s balance, collecting rent is a fine way of making them bankrupt. The players can purchase, sell, and trade houses and hotels with their wealth.

The strategic gameplay blending with twists and turns is why this video game gets all the praise and approval from critics. There could be 8 players simultaneously playing on a single board. Nearly half the world knows about it, the immersive gameplay is why many nations and cultures merge as one. The video game has become widely popular because of the internet, the game has undergone multiple modifications, and it has multiple ways of playing.

Catan: Strategize in Arguably the Best Among the Strategy Board Games

Settlers of Catan or simply Catan is a strategy game where you compete for points and property on a hexagon-tiles-based board. At the start, players randomly arrange the hexagon tiles, each tile showcasing different resources such as bricks, wood, desert, and wool. Players can trade resources and acquire holdings by gaining more points. Players take turns clockwise, and each player plays a settlement and road and reverses the process another time.

Buy and build more to expand your empire. In the end, whoever earns the most victory points, wins it. In Catan, strategic gameplay beats luck.

Catan is available on the consoles and computers. If you don’t wish to buy a board with set pieces, then installing it on a PC is the best resort.

Japanese Mahjong: Break the Stack and Streak

Mahjong is a tile-based game that originated in China, however, the game has variations. Japanese Mahjong or riichi mahjong is a variation of the original Mahjong game that follows the exact gameplay with different rules.

The gameplay is similar to playing cards, it requires 4 players to play. The goal of the game is to make the highest score by creating a mahjong. Japanese Mahjong is formed when a player collects 4 melds and a pair of tiles. The titles are numbered from 1 through 9. The total number of titles in a Mahjong game is 136 before being rearranged into 17 pieces across and 2 stacks in height. Mahjong titles have four different suits, circles, bamboo, characters, and honor. The gameplay of Mahjong is pretty fascinating for both newbies and geniuses.


Gloomhaven is a campaign-based progressive board game. The game requires 4 players to run, a single player can also play it. Every player takes turns in initiative order, each turn consists of two parts, the player’s turn and the monster’s turn. Every player is an adventurer who is relatively on a mission to eliminate all the evil, while also keeping track of their quests. A player has to choose two cards and apply them to the instant effect on the board, the top half of every card is used for action, and the bottom half is used for initiative value. Meanwhile, the monster has an ability card that determines its action for the upcoming turns.

After all players on the board have taken their turns, the round ends. However, a scenario ends when the players complete all the objectives that are in the notebook. Then it’s up to players to choose if they either want to progress further or replay.

Chess: Among the Best Strategy Board Games of All-Time

Chess is a 2 player’s board game, played on a chessboard, a square board divided into grids of 64, alternating in two colors, black and white. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king. Checkmate occurs when the king is threatened to capture and is surrounded by the opponent’s pieces with no escape route.

The casual gameplay of Chess lasts around somewhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Chess gameplay has some limitations too, every piece has to follow different patterns of movements that are universal. Although, the rules of chess differ from nation to nation. Chess is among the most popular board games and is arguably the greatest. According to, Chess is the top-selling board game of all time, being second to none.


Inevitably it’s true that China is the nation that develops the most board games, and Go is another one of their geniuses. The game requires 2 players to play on a grid board that varies in size, from 19×19, 13×13 to 9×9 squares.

Go is simply an easy game with a plain and straight objective, occupying more space on board. The players have to decide what marker color they want to go with out of black and white. Black pieces are about 181 in number, while the white ones are 1 less, 180 in total. Go players call these pieces or markers “Stones.” The team that does it, wins the whole thing. The board where two players play the game is commonly referred to as Goban, and the most come type is wooden build.

Final Words on Best Strategy Board Games

We don’t claim that this is a perfect list, and neither we ever will. Everyone sees the world from a different perspective, and cultural differences also matter the most. However, there’s no denying that these games are all infamous around the entire globe. What board games have you played before out of this list? And what game are you planning to play next? Tell us in the comments. If you wish to buy these board games at the lowest price possible, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we publish the latest video game news, reviews, and physical games for both toddlers and adults.

Remember these games are also available on the Internet. You need an internet connection to install them and play them virtually with friends, locals, and family members. That concludes our blog, make sure to leave your feedback.

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