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Benefits of Video Games: How Games Can Benefit Your Well-being

Benefits of Video Games

Ah video games, those annoying pieces of entertainment that has parents from all walks of life concerned that they’re eating away at the lives of their children. While there may be some truth to that claim especially when it comes to excessive use, there are also a number of ways that it can actually benefit our well-being, especially our mental health if you can believe it.

If any concerned parents reading this are at this point scratching their heads, then we assure that we didn’t stutter when we made such a claim. Moderate use of video games including such as new Aviator crash game which has been very famous these days has been said to be beneficial emotionally, socially and psychologically too. In fact, games in some circumstances have also been said to treat depression and anxiety.

Those are all just the tip of the iceberg. If you want more juicy info on the health benefits of video games, then stick around till the end.

Benefits of video games

1.   It Helps Relieve Stress

One of the biggest benefits of playing video games is that they help release endorphins within our bodies, thereby relieving us from the overwhelming stress of school, college, chores or work that we accumulate throughout the day. This is especially the case when we’re feeling down or worried. Playing video games is a great way to take our minds away from those troubling moments.

Not only does the release of endorphins bring a positive shift in our moods, but they also help in relieving pain, temporarily anyway. Playing games results in better heart rhythms, which is another factor in relieving stress.

2.   Boosts Workspace Satisfaction

You know the old saying; all work and no play, makes us want to bash our heads on the wall to keep us from going gaga. But seriously, working for hours doing the same thing over and over without a break can be quite exhausting. And that’s why some offices have considered investing in gaming stations. This way, employees can take a momentary pause in their daily grind for some healing fun moments. It also helps boost employee morale and satisfaction, which therefore, results in improved productivity.

3.   It Gives Your Brain a Workout

What most parents and teachers have claimed to be a factor in promoting a sedentary lifestyle is actually something that helps shape your brain to be in a better shape than perceived. That’s right! Numerous documented studies suggest playing “silly” or “childish” video games are a source of good cognitive protein for the grey matter.

Video games have been said to improve mental functions like problem-solving, multitasking, and memory. Concerned but antiquated parents and teachers will fume over the fact that games can lend a hand in pushing our levels of creativity and mental fortitude under all the fun that is to be had.

4.   Enhances Awareness

Studies also reveal how video games have a hand in elevating certain types of attention, like that of selective and sustained. Besides that, research appears to indicate that the areas of our brain which are for attention end up being more efficient than people who don’t play games.

And if that wasn’t enough, new conclusions find that playing games not only promotes better performance of the brain but also a better structure. Gamers are also said to become faster at solving complex procedures and make 37% less mistakes than non-gamers.

5.   Expands Your Social Circle

Multiplayer games are the champs of getting gamers to socialize with other gamers not just locally, but from every corner of the world. Competitive games like Fortnite, COD Warzone, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike are definitive examples of this. These games give you a chance to form just in-game teams, but also in real-life as well.

When games like these foster stronger relationships with each other, especially when it comes to employees of the same company, that company will have truly accomplished its objective of building a great team at the office.

6.   You Become a Problem Solver

Certain genres of games like open-word, role playing and environmentally-based, especially those with sophisticated puzzles are especially designed to get people to think outside of the box to progress further ahead. Such puzzles may end up taking players a couple of minutes to several hours in order to solve them.

It’s all about using whatever abilities your character possesses and manipulating the objects in your surroundings to go to the next section of the game. The uniqueness of these challenging puzzle games are just like the trials we face in reality as well. We just need to think on our feet and come up with a proper solution to the problems we encounter in our daily lives.

7.   Better Eyesight

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and you’re probably going like, “Excuse Me?” I can totally understand where you’re coming from and you’re already scoffing at the first thought of this. But I assure you that there is, in fact, scientific evidence that backs this up.

A study done over at the University of Rochester claims that playing video games makes players more responsive to different color shades. In the same study, it was discovered that those who play first-person-shooter games, develop a better understanding of color contrast.

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