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Xbox Strategy Games: Make Use of Your Brain to Fullest

Xbox Strategy Games

Xbox strategy video games are not big in number if you look up the term “Xbox Strategy Games.” You will loop back to where you started from. Furthermore, to solve this matter we searched the whole internet and found the best strategy Xbox video game, here is the list of them.

10. Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel has generated many video games, but all of those solely rely on action only, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG video game. The game gives you the role of a legendary Hunter with a mysterious past. The game’s objective is to defeat the mother of all demons, Lilith. The video game features a card-based tactical battling system, and winning using your brain rewards you rich. You can create a team of renowned Marvel superheroes and throw them alongside your heroes, they will work the best.

09. Cities: Skylines

Have you ever dreamt of running a city? Not in a political way but creating it using your brain’s abilities? That may be a weird question but Cities Skylines is the one game most dream to play. It’s a building simulation that requires the players to plan their actions before committing anything, otherwise, the results could not be very cunning. The video game starts simple but as you progress you need to balance essential requirements, such as education, hospitals, water, law, and everything a human survival needs.

08. Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a video game where the player is thrown into a randomly generated world. Along with the hero, some slimes spawn in each path. The players eliminate them and earn landscape cards. These cards allow the player to put various terrains in the hero’s path. All the terrains give players an ability that boosts their health, and power and increases the rate of monster spawns. If a player gathers two terrains of one type, then could upgrade its power.

07. The Diofield Chronicle

The Diofielf Chronicle is a real-time strategy video game, where players indulge in PvP battles. The players control a party of characters all with different fighting specialities. Players have to use the best of their strategic brains and come out victorious. The players engage in 1v1 battles or strategize their plans and try different tactics to win the game. The gameplay involves defending the stronghold, attacking the other team, and hijacking their tower. It’s an addictive video game.

06. Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is another complex city building similar video game on our list. It takes place in the 19th century, with medieval-like houses. The players build massive towns from nothing. Anno 1800 features complex house-building, delivering a story-based campaign, and the original multiplayer mode of the Anno series. The video game pays homage to the Anno franchise by putting the same building animation to some extent. Although Anno 1800’s visuals are far better than any video games from the Anno series and most video games in the genre.

05. This War of Mine

“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that perfectly matches this video game’s description. You need a brain to pull off various tricks such as silently hiding, escaping conflicts in stealthy mode, and saving lives without paying any value. This War of Mine tells about a bunch of war veterans, who try to stay alive in an ongoing war. This video game features different characters, all of whom have never experienced wars. You have to strategize their way of living by using the necessary tools available.

04. Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders is a 4x strategy video game, where the players create their fantasy realm. You control a group of powerful individuals, who grow even stronger when you upgrade your kingdom. The players start with nothing and then build their way up to creating massive structures and buildings, as well as engage in fights with a variety of different species, and races, and earn better rewards. The video games rewards its players from time to time, and the events are also very captivating.

03. Gears Tactics (The Backbone of Xbox Strategy Games)

Even if we skip describing what this video game is about, you would already know the contents of it because of its name. Gear Tactics is a spin-off of the Gears of War series. Players control Gabe Diaz, once a lawman, recruiting and controlling your squads, training them to fight against the Locust army: Ukkon the monster creator. The video game features an immersive lore, a massive collection of gear, and difficult boss battles.

02. Crusader Kings III (One of the Best Strategy Games on Xbox)

Running a whole big kingdom can be tough, if you don’t believe our words try Crusader Kings 3. The video game is set in 867 of 1066, moreover it’s up to the players to pick the era. Players play in a meticulously researched dynasty, that forms from the middle ages. The players take command of a country expand it accordingly, and strategies different ways of leveling up the country’s people. Crusader Kings 3 is much more than a tactic-based video game, the players can indulge in love affairs, romance, and betrayal. The gamers feature a simulated world teeming with knights, spies, warriors, and many more professions.

01. Age of Empires IV (The Best in the List of Xbox Strategy Games)

Age of Empires is another real-time strategy video game on our list, it’s a massive video game that takes players on a journey through the medieval era, as the players control and influence the world with powerful leaders, building an enormous map and recreating some of the most controversial fights. The video game expanded to 4 campaigns, Norman, Hundred Years Wars, The Rise of Moscow, and lastly The Mongol Empire. These campaigns cover major events of those empires. Age of Empires is not only a strategic video game, it’s emotions.

Conclusion: Xbox Strategy Games

This was it, our list of the top 10 best Xbox Strategy video games. This list consists of video games that you could play co-op and single-player, and ultimately win only by using different tactics and strategies. However, not all video games may be available in your region, so make sure to do a little research before buying them.

This concludes our blog, but before you go, leave your comment on this list. Also if you want to stay updated on all gaming news, check our Facebook and Instagram, we post consistently there.

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