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8 Best Switch Puzzle Games: Train Your Brain, Be a Mastermind

8 Best Switch Puzzle Games

Defining the puzzle genre is a complex feat, defining it is as hard as solving the puzzles. The genre cuts into many subclasses, if an individual despises this or that puzzle video game, they would at least come across a certain puzzle game that fills in the space in their empty hearts. But what’s the best console to play puzzle games? Of course, it has to be Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch allows players to enjoy the Puzzle genre without any limitations and all the video games you will play are AAA quality. There may be many questions in your brain regarding our statement, but you will realize once you see our list of quality games. Without further ado, now’s the time to start our list. Throw everything away for a moment and immerse yourself in the everlasting experience of the puzzle games.

08. Fez

Fez is a surprisingly highly detailed video game from an indie games developer. The video game follows a character named Gomez, who lives a peaceful life in 2 Dimensional worlds, but when he discovers the existence of a 3rd Dimension, he piques his interest in exploring it. Gomez then ends up at the very end of the 3d fabric of space-time, where the players can freely control and change the dimensions as if they are playing with a Rubix cube.

If you hit a dead end, just scroll left or right, and the new path will appear as if the whole world is under your supervision.

07. Art Of Balance

“Art of Balance” is a peaceful yet stressful puzzle game. The objective is very straightforward, stack up and balance the wooden objects in your inventory until you clear the level. The wooden objects come in random shapes, such as dumbbells, squares, rectangles, arrows, half circles, full circles, and many more.

The video game is physics-based, you have to pay attention to the weight and length of an object, otherwise, everything you have stacked will fall into pieces. The gameplay is spread into 200 levels and 8 different lounges. Players find the game more intriguing when teamed up with friends or locals.

06. Carto

Carto is genuinely a unique puzzle game where you control or create the Earth. In short, you have to find the puzzle pieces from where you initially started and go up to finding more and connecting them to create a large explorable map. You guide a young girl named Carto to separate from her grandmother due to a storm that was inadvertently caused by her.

She falls onto a tiny island, with nothing. In the upper top corner of the island, you will find a piece of paper or simply a map, you can rearrange those pieces upside down or flip them sideways to create paths that can stick endlessly. The fun gameplay of Carto lasts about 5-7 hours on average.

05. World Of Goo

World of Goo, many people’s childhood and their kids’ future. You are reading it right because after all these years the video game is coming with a sequel. Nevertheless, World of Goo is a masterpiece. World of Goo is an indie game that showcases the unnoticeable side of the puzzle category. You play as the entirety of the gooey objects that are quite similar to slime, but larger in quantity.

In World of Goo, you manage a planet brimming with Globs of Goo. You can build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues. The theme of the video game may seem family-friendly at first glance, but the video game tries to uplift the secrets of beauty products, their ingredients and why should we boycott them.

04. Pikuniku

Pikuniku is a puzzle platformer video game where you play as an undefined oval-shaped creature with scrawny legs. The video game is about exploring multiple biomes and solving strange stories of peculiar characters.

The video game begins with you waking up from a slumber, not knowing where you are and what’s going on. With this, you start your journey, meeting various characters, hearing their stories, helping them out, solving puzzles, and at the end you repeat the chain. Pikuniku is small in size but delightful when it comes to gameplay. You could also team up with your friends or family and participate in tough challenges.

03. Tetris Effect: Connected (The Classic in Switch Puzzle Games)

Tetris defines the early production of puzzle video games, even though the category has reached tremendously unbelievable heights, people still stick to and enjoy playing the cult classic. The video game Tetris Effect: Connected brought the organic gameplay of Tetris but with a few twists and turns, instead of the usual gameplay the players can feel the pressure building up, and nonetheless, the music generated by placing the blocks hits differently.

The people who are familiar with the Tetris Effect will find “Connected” a more cunning video game. There’s coop mode and spectator mode, which adds extra spice to the Tetris Effect. Up to 3 players can team up to solve the ultimate Tetris experience or play against each other to unravel the adrenaline.

02. Layton’s Mystery Journey (Indulge in Anime-Style Switch Puzzle Games)

Solving mysteries is by far one of the best subgenres of puzzle solving. You indulge in realistic detective roleplaying experiences and solve perplexing cases by making use of your brain. In Layton’s Mystery Journey, you roleplay as Katrielle Layton, the daughter of Professor Hershel Layton.

The video game has no definite plot as the players choose what action to take and how it would impact their surroundings. You will be taking part in solving 12 different cases, that will challenge you and test your resolve. Although Professor Hershel Layton’s absence concerns her the most, she tries to solve the cases right in front of her while also trying to look for clues that could lead her to her father.

01. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (A Variety of Switch Puzzle Games)

While all the other games in this naturally featured puzzles, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is all about diversity. Do you want more pleasure for a small sum of money? This video game offers tons of different video games, that are brilliantly executed. These video games vary from board to puzzle, and from card to sports. But you are going to find one thing in common, they are all tabletop and you can immerse in everlasting experience.

Whether you are a strategic gamer or a quick-witted, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is going to create an explosion in your brain.

Conclusion: Switch Puzzle Games

Nintendo Switch can be carried everywhere, whether you are hiking, going to college, or having a party with your friends. Just find a place to sit, relax, and start the session.

Puzzle is one of the most renowned video game genres. It separates itself from the regular genres and drives the entire gaming scene. If you merge both Nintendo and Puzzle games, what comes out as a result? The ultimate puzzle-solving experience. Furthermore, the genre is wide and full of innovative minds. To indulge in the mesmerizing puzzle gameplay of Nintendo, you don’t need to work hard, just be smart.

Anyway, what video game do you think was the best on the list? Furthermore, was there anything special you found on this list? Write your feedback in the comments section. Also, if you wish to always be up to date with the latest game news, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages where we publish the hottest topics related to gaming.

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