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Military Strategy Games: Communicate, Coordinate, and Conquer

military strategy games

Strategic video games are immaculately addictive, you take action and anxiously wait for the opponent to make a move, as the opponent steps foot into your territory, your kingdom either collapses or penetrates the enemy’s body into pieces, but before all that what military strategic video games offers the gameplay that is more or less about the same as our description of strategy games speaks. Don’t stress about not finding anything captivating, check out our list that mentions extremely engrossing titles.

Check it out and enjoy indulging in a hardcore military experience.

10. Total War: Warhammer III

What is Total War: Warhammer III and why does it have the aura of a popular video game? Or, Is it all because of Henry Cavill playing it? Total War: Warhammer III is a real-time tactics video game. It offers the usual setting of a strategic military video game. The plot revolves around Ursun, the Bear God, whose fatal wound has imbalanced the world tremendously. This tragic event divides the world into two sections, some wish to restore the piece and put Daemon Prince Be’lakor’s democratic reign over the world, while others aim to finish off Ursun and take his powers.

Total War: Warhammer III features several factions, each with non-identical backgrounds and powers.

09. The Great War: Western Front

The Great War: Western Front depicts the events of World War 1, it takes place from 1914 to 1919. It is a turn-based strategy video game, where players choose and lead a faction. Players can collect and spend supplies and currencies to get tanks, trenches, and machine guns as rewards.

If you engage in a battle and become victor, you will relatively earn that area. As you progress you unlock more items such as tanks and chemical weapons. The outcomes results for skirmish range from great victory to great loss. However, the video game has generally average reviews.

08. World of Tanks

The video game World of Tanks Blitz offers a realistic experience of what it feels like to live as a tank crewman. World of Tanks Blitz is a critically acclaimed video game, where players participate in 7v7 tank battles. The video game is praised for its diversity in general and features a variety of tanks. Players can upgrade their tanks, buy weapons, and find the most suitable vehicle for themselves.

Considering it is an AAA game, you could run it on old computers or weak devices, it also supports cross-platform gameplay.

07. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is deeply inspired by the Crusades, it takes place in the Middle Ages somewhere from 867 AD to 1453 AD. Players build an entire nation by controlling diplomacy, setting espionage, and keeping relations amicable. The military aspect of the game features recruiting man-at-arms units and powerful knights. The video game allows up to 32 players to play together in the coop mode.

The video game shares many similarities to its predecessors, including user interface, settings, theme, and quality.

06. Age of Empires IV

Turn-based strategy video games lead and represent the entire strategy video game genre. Age of Empires IV is a greatly praised tactical video game that takes players on a journey through history’s greatest ages, where players control and influence the world through historic leaders and politicians.

The lore features 500 years of history, that you will unravel as you progress further in the game. The video game doesn’t feature a single campaign mode, in short, it covers 4 separate settings into 4 different campaigns. To sum up, purchase Age of Empires IV and start establishing your influence and kingdom right away.

05. Europa Universalists

Europa Universalis IV is a realistic video game where you follow the usual lore, build an expansive kingdom, and push it to achieve ultimate dominance. One of the major aspects that make gamers stuff this video game into their library is the military. The basic unit of land forces is the regiment, with every force having a minimum of 1000 indestructible members.

Your influence over a certain kingdom can either demolish its democracy or help it grow to achieve the powers humans could never even dream of. Start your journey at this moment.

04. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV is one of the most original and realistic strategy games. Players not only indulge in tactical role-playing experience, but they can also take control or seize any nation. The theme features the events of World War II, and the game itself is quite thematic.

The main objective is to train a nation to withstand and counterattack the enemy’s offensive approach. Every decision you make will either reward you or punish you accordingly. Moreover, the gameplay is immersive and if you spend some money on DLCS and mini updates, the experience will be more delightful.

03. World in Conflict (Among the best Military Strategy Games)

The current violent scenarios of the world indicate a signal regarding the upcoming dangers, inevitably World War 3 would occur anywhere within the next 200 years. If you wish to experience how scary can World Wars be, install World in Conflict. It takes place in an alternative 1989, in which the soviet union invaded Europe, triggering World War III.

In the game’s single-player mode, players take the role of a US Army officer, who takes command of battalions, your job is to supervise them and throw them to fight for their country and families. Furthermore, the expansion packs that came a few years after the release are pretty intriguing, they came with new features and content.

02. Medieval II: Total War (One of the Best Military Strategy Games)

Medieval II: Total War is one of the early strategy video games that proposed the idea of tactical battling. The video game takes place in the medieval era and features a plain but secure campaign mode. In the grand campaign mode, players can generally start the gameplay by choosing one faction out of the available 17. The unavailable at the time will be unlocked through achievements of battles.

Medieval II: Total War is about war and dispute, different parties collide to take over the opponent’s influence. There is also an expansion available for this video game that was released next year after the original game’s release date.

01. Civilization 6 (Factually the Best in Military Strategy Games)

Inevitably, A tactical video game must feature realistic cutscenes, ironically that’s what most gamers aspire to play. Civilization 6 offers complex and cool gameplay that is immersive if you spectate it from a gamer’s perspective. Your initial 20 minutes after launching the video game would be consumed in understanding it.

Civilization 6 is a turn-based tactical video game that allows players to create and expand their civilization. In brief, the video game is about conquering other civilizations that constantly aiming at your kingdom. The diversity of weapons, strategies, and freedom in general crowns the video game as one of the greatest military strategy games.

Conclusion: Best of the Military Strategy Games

Commanding forces or being a part of some special units is what kids dream of today. Stereotypically that was everyone’s dream when we were around the age of 08-12. Fulfilling your dreams requires utmost dedication and it’s not something everyone can achieve. While there is something everyone can get their hands on, and that is nothing but a gaming device. If you have either a PC, PlayStation, or an Xbox, you will discover games that feature managing an army or a whole nation through strategic plans. Moreover, our list of strategy games that include military forces features fascinating gameplay and depictions of real-life events to a great extent.

Furthermore, if you wish to read more similar blogs to this one, put your words in the comments. We will split the world into two halves just to bring you what you desire. Also, don’t forget to mention the video game that you found most interesting on this list in the comments.

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