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Steam Reveals Its Best Selling Games of 2023

Steam Reveals Its Best Selling Games of 2023

2023 was a great year, luckily there weren’t any natural disasters or catastrophes, and the people who enjoyed the most were video game fanatics, stores like Steam, Epic, and Rockstar Games showcased ton loads of crazy video game collections, but what were the Best Selling Games of 2023 on Steam? That’s the question that will decide what video game is most played in 2023 and what people like.

Steam’s Best-Selling Games of 2023

Steam’s user database won’t collapse or hit the ruins, and inevitably PC gamers are growing in number. And the Steam being PC’s online video game store, the new users head straight there. It offers a wide range of video games all on a budget, and when checking out the website, you will come across many items and deals that would benefit you. Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the most popular video games of this generation was once sold for free. This is more than enough proof of how generous steam can be.

Steam’s list of the top-selling video games of 2023 comes into four categories, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The 12 best-selling games of the year each from different categories are enlisted in Platinum rank. The second tier, which is gold is for the next 12 most selling games. Silver rank holds another 26 titles. And the last 50 games are in the bronze rank. This list is compiled based on the performance for the entire year, it includes the number of downloads, the revenue it generates, and what percentage of reviews are positive.

Baldur’s Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy, Apex Legends, Dota 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Destiny 2 are generally some of the top-selling games of the year 2023. Relatively this list is full of surprises, many of us thought that the list would have more free titles than paid ones, but we guess all of us were so wrong.

Steam’s Most Played Games

Steam also records your gameplay that is if you are playing the game that comes from their store. Your stats in the profile have everything, from your playtime to the total amount you have spent. The list of the most played games of 2023 includes some shocking titles. It comes in four different categories, Platinum (over 300,000 peak players), Gold (over 150,000 peak players), Silver (over 80,000 peak players), and lastly, Bronze (with over 40,000 peak players).

The list includes more or less the exact titles, although there are some changes too. Battle Royale games, live service games, and RPG games seem to be fan favorites. Titles like PUBG: Battlegrounds, Starfield, and Goose Goose Ducks are up top when it comes to consumption.

The number of players as well as video games is increasing tremendously. 2023 was a massive year with numberless titles, and we expect 2024 to generate more beautiful memories. The Last of Us Part II Remastered, Ark II, Tekken 8, Star Wars Outlaws, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are ready to bring a change to the gaming community.

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