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Bound by Flame Guide: How to Romance Male Companions


Romance is one of the several options that Bound by Flame has to offer with its interactive companion system. To romance male companions, you need to play a female hero and you need to complete a series of personal quests. Also, talking to them frequently and taking their side will be crucial to awake their interest. There are three male companions but one of them, Mathras the immortal undead, is a mere observer and he can’t be romanced. However, the other two, Randval and Rhelmar, are two viable possibilities. Learn how to romance them.

bound by flame randval

1. Randval Romance

Side Quests Required: The Duel (Act 1); The Recruitment of Randval (Act 1); Randval The Loner (Act 2); A Knight in Distress (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Lion’s Den (Act 3, Chapter 1, you must choose Randval when he requests to join you on the hunt) > The Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2, defeat all the concubines and the Guadian with Randval).

Determinant Decision: Take Randval with you during the Witch Hunt (Act 3, Chapter 2).

Bound by Flame romance

Randval is not a demanding person. All he needs is a bit of attention and loyalty. If you take him into battle with you during the four Concubine boss fights, he will declare himself to you if, of course, you have done all his side quests before. You can’t refuse him when he requests to go with you on The Witch Hunt and you must kill all the deities with Randval on your party. If by any chance you return to the camp and take someone else with you, Randval will feel betrayed and he won’t romance you anymore.

bound by flamr rhelmar

2. Rhelmar Romance

Side Quests Required: Idea for Traps (Act 1); Camp Security (Act 2); The Souls of the Elves (Act 2); The Soul of a Prince (Act 3).

Romance Quest Chain: The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3, support Rhelmar and his ideas against Edwen) > The Soul of a Prince (Act 3, Chapter 1 and 2, pick the middle talk option while approaching Rhlemar at the Sewers).

Determinant Decision: Pick Rhelmar’s side to save the elven army during The Assault (Act 2, Chapter 3).

Bound by Flame romance

Rhelmar is a bit more complicated to romance than Randval. He has strong values and he will not tolerate betrayal. To gain his trust, you must support him during The Assault. even if the cause is lost, you must take his side over Edwen’s. Else, he will abandon you and return later to kill you for your supposed betrayal. Then, you must unlock his romance quest during the Sewers by discovering the prince’s body among the thousand dead bodies around. To finish this quest you must advance the story a bit. It’s only during The Witch Hunt that youcan continue Rhelmar’s romance quest. You don’t have to take him with you to kill the Concubines. However, when you kill the Creator, you must return tot he Sewers with Rhelmar to finish The Souls of a Prince. During the last part of the quest, while releasing the soul essence, you must pick the middle dialogue option to unlock Rhelmar’s romance scene.

bound by flame rhelmar randval

3. Randval & Rhelmar Simultaneous

It’s possible to have two lovers at once in Bound by Flame. All you have to do is please them all along by insistently talking to them, complete their personal quests and follow a specific order during the third chapter. First, you need to make sure you get Rhelmar instead of Edwen at The Assault, at the end of Act 2. Then you need to initiate Rhelmar’s romance quest during your adventure in the Sewers. When you approach the giant pile of bodies at the center, Rhelmar will mention a body, get closer until a cut screen shows. After that, you need to advance by yourself until you get the chance to defeat three Concubines. Before going on The Witch Hunt, you need to take Randval with you instead of Rhelmar. If you leave the warrior behind during any of the boss battles, he will be disappointed and won’t romance you. Upon killing the two closest Concubines (the Stalker and the Creator), you must go back to the camp and party Rhelmar. Then, head to the Sewers to complete his romance quest. First, approach the prince’s body and collect his soul essence. Therefore, you must move to a quiet location and release the essence, that’s when Rhelmar will romance you if you pick the middle answer. To romance Randval simultaneous, you need to continue your hunting mission with the great warrior. Defeat the Watcher and the Guardian and that’s about it, Randval will finally declare himself to you. You will also unlock the dialogue option to refuse him by claiming you have someone else.

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