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Majora’s Mask 3D Empty Bottle Locations


There are a total of 7 Empty Bottles Link can collect in Majora’s Mask 3D. The bottles can be used to store potions, faeries, and other useful items for later use, and with the addition of a seventh bottle to the remake, certain parts of the game become much easier. Between the locations kept from the original game and the ones that have changed for the remake, they can be tricky to find. Here’s a complete list of where to find them all:

Empty Bottle 1:

The first bottle comes as part of the story, so you’ll get it no matter what. However, the way you get the bottle changes depending on the day. If it’s Day 1, you’ll need to find Koume in the Woods of Mystery in the southern swamp. You’ll find an injured Koume and will need to go to the Magic Hag Shop to get a bottle of red potion. Let Koume drink the potion and you’ll keep the bottle. If it’s Day 2 or 3, you’ll need to get the potion from Koutake, who will be flying around in the Woods Of Mystery, instead of the shop.

Empty Bottle 2:

You should go for this one after beating Woodfall Temple – otherwise there’s a lot you’ll have to redo. Go to the Swamp Tour Centre, which is the first hut on stilts you’ll see as you enter. Speak to Koume and you’ll get to play a minigame where you shoot the targets within the time limit. If you hit 20 (don’t worry, it’s not too difficult), you’ll get a bottle.

Empty Bottle 3:

This is on Day 1. Go to Romani Ranch and agree to help them defend the ranch from aliens. Then come back before 2am on the first night, and within the next three hours (2.30am – 5.15am) the side-quest will start and you’ll have to fight off some aliens. Once that’s done, you get your third bottle (full of delicious Romani milk).

Empty Bottle 4:

For this one you’ll need to already have the third bottle and all three transformation masks. Go and defend the wagon that travels from Romani Ranch to Clock Town and Cremia will give you Romani’s Mask. Put the mask on and go to the Milk Bar. Talk to Toto, the band leader, play his requested song. This will get you the Circus Troupe’s Mask. Now on the second day go to Stock Pot Inn, but enter through door on the roof. Wearing the Circus Troupe’s Mask, talk to Troupe Leader Gorman, who is in one of the rooms. He’ll ask for some Mystery Milk. To get that, go to Milk Road and talk to a Gorman Brother. Then you have to make it back in two minutes to hand over the Mystery Milk. Your reward will be an Empty Bottle.

Empty Bottle 5:

You obtain this bottle while you’re upgrading your sword to the Razor Sword. The smith will ask for Gold Dust, which can be obtained from the Goron Races. If you come first in the race, you’ll get bottles of Gold Dust. You should already have accessed the Goron Races with a Powder Keg at this point, but in case you haven’t, they can be found between the Mountain Village and Goron Village, where the rope bridges are.

Empty Bottle 6:

Once you’ve got both the Zora Mask and the Hookshot, head to Zora Cape. You’ll find some trees on the higher up platforms which you can access with the Hookshot. Those trees will take you to Waterfall Rapids, where you’ll find a beaver. Speak with him to race him and his brother. If you beat them both, you get a bottle.

Empty Bottle 7:

You’ll get this bottles during the Anju’s Anguish side-quest (also known as the Anju and Kefei side-quest), one of the hardest quests in the game, spanning over all three days and requiring a lot of effort. On the final day, once you’ve got Priority Mail from the owner of the Curiosity Shop, go to the Milk Bar while wearing the Romani Mask. Talk to Madam Aroma, Kefei’s mother, then put the Kafei Mask on and give her to Priority Mail to receive bottles of Chateau Romani. The seventh and final Empty Bottles will be yours to keep.

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