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PlayStation Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Out With This Challenging Poll

PlayStation quiz

We’ve covered Xbox quiz and Nintendo quiz, so it’s only natural we do PlayStation quiz too. As usual, this quiz will open up with some fairly straightforward questions but end with some serious brain teasers. As with the other two, all questions are in bold and the answers are italicized below. No cheating and good luck!

Question 1, Easy

The Persona series is actually a spin-off of Atlus’ biggest franchise. What is that franchise called?

Persona 5 playstation quikShin Megami Tensei. Bizarrely, even though Persona is primarily a PlayStation exclusive, the Megami Tensei series more often appears on Nintendo’s consoles.

Question 2, Easy

Who are the two main characters in The Last of Us?

The last of usEllie and Joel. Interestingly, even though some guides suggest their surnames are Williams and Miller, neither are ever confirmed in-game.

Question 3, Medium

Who was PlayStation’s first mascot?

playstation mascotCrash Bandicoot. From 1996 to 2000, Crash was officially both Sony Entertainment and PlayStation’s mascot. Sony wanted an animal mascot that they felt defined their platform. He would later be replaced by Spyro and then finally Nathan Drake.

Question 4, Medium

How many Final Fantasy games have been exclusive to PlayStation platforms? Bonus points if you can name them.

final fantasy 7 in PlayStation quizSurprisingly, only four have ever been PlayStation exclusives. To be specific, there’s Final Fantasy 9, 10, X2, and 12. Although you could also count VII Remake which will be exclusive until 2021.

Question 5, Medium

What are the Metal Gear games named after?

Metal gear solidThe Metal Gear are colossal mecha enemies typically used for launching nuclear weaponry. They are devastating powerful machines that, if not dealt with, could cause the end of the world.

Question 6, Hard

Gran Turismo 4 featured over 700 unique cars. But what car was the reward for reaching 100% completion?

Gran turismo 4 in Playstation quizI’ll accept two answers here. The official answer is the Formula Gran Turismo ’04, but any reference to the 2004-era Formula 1 cars will do. By the way, this is still the most cars to ever feature on any PlayStation racing game.

Question 7, Hard

What year do the events of Horizon Zero Dawn take place?

horizon zero dawn Playstation quizSome of the lore is inexact but the events themselves seem to start in the year 3020. Protagonist Aloy is born a year later. However, the gameplay itself doesn’t begin until Aloy is an adult, in the year 3040.

Question 8, Hard

Lara Croft is the famous English explorer and protagonist of the Tomb Raider franchise. But where in London was she born?

lara croft tomb raiderAccording to her original biography entry, Lara was born in Wimbledon, London. Yes, that’s the same Wimbledon where the annual tennis grand slam takes place. Admittedly, the new PlayStation reboots may change this in the future.

Question 9, Very Hard

In the original God of War, there’s’ an Easter egg which shows Kratos killing game designer David Jaffe for interrupting him. What did you have to do to trigger this?

God of war shotAfter beating the game, the player must destroy both statues present in the throne room. Doing so can take hundreds of hits and the game gives no visible indicator that the statues are taking damage. God knows how anyone figured this out.

Question 10, Very Hard

What two real-life personalities were used as a basis for current PlayStation mascot Nathan Drake’s physical design?

nathan drake uncharted 4The obvious link is Harrison Ford, given his role as Indiana Jones. However, Ford was only a secondary inspiration for Drake’s appearance. The primary inspiration was actually Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. The more you know.

Tell us your score about PlayStation Quiz

So how did you get on PlayStation quiz? I don’t think this quiz was quite as difficult as the others, but I’d still be surprised if anyone managed to get all ten correct. Finally, be sure to let us know down in the comments on how well you did.

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