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Xbox Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Out With This Challenging Poll

Xbox Quiz

Hello all and welcome back to yet another gaming quiz! As with the Nintendo Quiz, for Xbox quiz, the questions will amp up in difficulty as you work through them. The first few questions only require common gaming knowledge, but the last couple will challenge even the biggest Xbox fan.

Once again, the format is that questions are in bold and answers are below in italics. No peeking at the answer until you’re locked in. Let’s start the Xbox Quiz and good luck to all!

Question 1, Easy 

In which country does Forza Horizon 3 take place?

Forza Horizon in Xbox Quiz

A nice and easy start. Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia. Also, it featured several unique Australian cars very rarely seen in games such as the Holden Sandman and Holden 50-2106 FX Ute.

Question 2, Easy 

Who is the protagonist of the Gears of War series?

gears of war

In every mainline game at least, Marcus Fenix is the protagonist of the Gears of War series. However, 2013’s Gears of War Judgment features Damon Baird and Augustus Cole in the leading roles instead.

Question 3, Medium

Before Forza Horizon, Xbox’s signature arcade racer was the PGR series. What does PGR stand for?

PGR in Xbox Quiz

PGR stands for Project Gotham Racing. Last released in 2009, PGR4 was Bizarre Creations’ last game before Blur’s failure prompted Activision to close them down.

Question 4, Medium

In the original Halo trilogy, the Covenant act as the primary antagonistic race for Master Chief to defeat. Halo 4 saw this change. What is the name of the new mechanical warriors that now take their place?


Featuring in Halo 4 and Halo 5, the Promethean are Master Chief’s newest primary enemy. Side fact, whilst they weren’t exactly an enemy of Master Chief, the Flood could be considered the primary antagonists of Halo 2.

Question 5, Medium

Just this year Planet Zoo was released by Frontier Developments but back in 2013, the same studio made a similar game for Xbox. What was that game?

Planet Zoo in Xbox Quiz

It was Zoo Tycoon, of course. Originally debuting in 2001, Zoo Tycoon is widely considered to be one of the greatest tycoon games ever made. Unfortunately, it’s future looks bleak with Frontier Developments choosing to focus on their own projects instead.

Question 6, Hard

Who was the head designer behind the Fable series before they left Microsoft in 2012 for being “ashamed,” of Fable 3?


Ah, you didn’t expect a question challenging your general industry knowledge? Either way, the answer is British game pioneer Peter Molyneux. He has also directed development for Theme Park, Black & White, and Dungeon Keeper.

Question 7, Hard

Rare Replay was released in 2015 as a celebration of Rare Games’ 30th anniversary. Many classics like R.C Pro-Am and Battletoads appear, but was is the oldest game featured in the collection?

RC Pro AM in Xbox Quiz

There are three games from 1983 bundled in Rare Replay. Of these three, Jetpac, originally released for the ZC Spectrum, is the oldest. You’ve got to give Xbox credit. This collection was a fantastic way to bring back so many iconic franchises.

Question 8, Hard

Cuphead’ gameplay is actually split up into two separate frame rates. The gameplay itself runs at one framerate whilst the animation runs at another. What are these two frame rates?


This question probably seems tougher at first glance than it actually is. The gameplay runs at a very standard 60 FPS whilst the animations run at 24 FPS. This is because many animated films run at 24 frames per second and the Cuphead team wanted to simulate that movie feel.

Question 9, Very Hard

Trials HD’s infamous Marathon achievement has the player complete the game’s hardest Ultimate Endurance tournament with zero faults. How many tracks did you have to flawlessly complete in a row to get this achievement?

Trials HD in Xbox Quiz

20 whole tracks in a row. That’s hard enough but would you believe it was actually more difficult to get on release. The original Xbox 360 game’s Marathon achievement featured 24 tracks and several hard difficulty tracks. This was down toned as it was considered nearly impossible to get.

Question 10, Very Hard

In total, Xbox has published 9 games in its Kinect Games series. Name all of them.


A very difficult question as this requires in-depth knowledge of very niche titles. In alphabetical order, the 9 are Kinect Adventures, Joy Ride, Party, Rush, Sports, Sports Rivals, Sports: Season Two, Star Wars, and Disneyland Adventures.

What is your Score?

And with that, we can bring the Xbox quiz to a close. I tried to cover as many Xbox exclusives series as possible to truly test all of you. So how did you get on? Did you find the questions harder than expected or did you smash them? Be sure to let us know in the comments and share this article if you enjoyed it.

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