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Nintendo Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Out With This Challenging Poll

Nintendo Quiz

Welcome everyone to something a little different! Today, you’re going to be taking my Nintendo quiz to test your knowledge of Japan’s biggest publisher. Fair warning, these questions start out easy enough but get harder and harder as you progress. Only true Nintendo veterans even have a chance of getting all ten right.

The format has the questions in bold and the answer below in italics. Be sure to avoid looking at the italic text before you’ve locked in your answer. Anyway, good luck and no cheating!

Let’s Start! As soon as you see the question, please give your answer in the comments box below

Question 1, Easy

What series does Smash Bros. icon Captain Falcon originally come from?

captain falcon Nitendo QuizIf you didn’t get this one, you’re in for a tough quiz. Captain Falcon debuted in F-Zero; Nintendo’s original racing game released in 1990. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten an entry since 2004 and doesn’t seem to be a priority for Nintendo.

Question 2, Easy

In 1998, a legendary collectathon was released as a Nintendo 64 exclusive. Ten years later, Microsoft would buy out the rights to this series. What franchise am I describing?

Banjo-Kazooie remained a Nintendo exclusive way up until 2008 with the release of Nuts & Bolts on Xbox 360. He finally made his way back to Nintendo recently as the third DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Question 3, Medium

Where do the majority of Nintendo’s Kirby games take place?

Whilst it varies in some games, the majority take place in Dream Land, a country on Planet Popstar. Hence the name of the original, Kirby’s Dream Land.

Question 4, Medium

What type of animal is Tom Nook based on?

tom nookI hope you didn’t fall for the obvious trap and say raccoon. True Animal Crossing fans will, of course, know that he is actually based on a Tanuki or colloquially the Japanese Raccoon Dog.

Question 5, Medium

What was the best selling game on the original Nintendo Game Boy?

Tetris. Fun fact, Tetris has since gone on to become the second best selling single game of all time with 170,000,000 copies sold. Minecraft edges it out with 180,000,000 sales.

Question 6, Hard

What lovable Nintendo character awaits you at the top of Princess Peach’s castle after collecting 120 stars in Super Mario 64?

Yoshi. Fun fact, Yoshi’s Island is my favorite retro game ever made! A true classic that has unfortunately gotten some rather barebones sequels over the years.

Question 7, Hard

Back in 2015, Nintendo did a crossover between Splatoon and a manga/anime series of which the game itself is partially inspired. What was it?

splatoonxsquidgirlIt was of course Shinryaku! Ika Musume, or just Squid Girl for English speakers. The plot of Squid Girl involves the protagonist trying to punish humanity for polluting her ocean. The actual outcome is a wholesome slice-of-life comedy show where she works in a restaurant. Because anime.

Question 8, Hard

A famous comedian named his very own daughter after The Legend of Zelda’s heroine herself. Who was this?

It was the gone too soon Robin Williams who named his daughter Zelda Williams back in 1989. Given this was just two years after the series’ debut in the west, it must have been love at first sight for Mr. Williams.

Question 9, Very Hard

Including the Galar dex up to Eternatus, how many Pokemon are there in total?

There are 890 Pokemon in total. Also, as a bonus fact, Nintendo recently announced Kubfu, Urshifu, Calyrex, and the two new Regis, bringing this number up to 895.

Question 10, Very Hard

Can you name a Mario game where “Mario,” himself features in the title but isn’t a playable character?

Mario is missing Nintendo QuizThere are actually two correct answers. Firstly, Mario Paint released in 1992 where players were able to create music and draw whatever they wanted. It was considered ingenious at the time and is cited as the main inspiration behind Super Mario Maker! Otherwise, you could have opted for Mario is Missing, also a 1992 release and the first-ever game that featured Luigi as the sole protagonist.

So how did you do? I’d be surprised if you got all ten but even five or six is a damn good effort given how hard some of these questions are. I mean, who can actually name the exact amount of Pokemon? It’s not as easy as just saying “There are 151,” like back in the day.

If you enjoyed this Nintendo quiz be sure to let us know in the comments. I’d be more than happy to do more of these if it’s the kind of thing you guys enjoy. Also, be sure to drop your score below even if you didn’t do as well as expected.

Thank you for visiting!

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