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Classic Reload: Exploring the Best Retro Games To Quench Your Nostalgia

Classic Reload

At times, we get a bit nostalgic for the things that filled our childhood with fun, particularly video games. So, if you are looking to quench your nostalgia for the golden age of video games, Classic Reload is a site you want to visit.

Classic Reload platform has managed to preserve more than 6,000 old retro games and abandoned OS/interfaces, which are accessible via web browsers.

Characterized by their pixelated graphics, these oldies laid a foundation for the video games industry we know today — both online and offline games. So, whether you’re a new gamer, a seasoned gamer, or want to take a trip down memory lane, our guide to the most popular Classic Reload Games has got you covered.

The games reviewed in this guide will allow you to enjoy the nostalgic experience of playing DOS (Disk Operating Systems) games of the ’80s and ’90s directly from your web browser. Let’s dive right in!

Review of 6 ClassicReload Games

1.   Prince of Persia

Our first classic reload game is Prince of Persia. This game was originally developed in 1989 by Jordan Mechner, which makes it a popular classic for millennials. The mission is to save the princess from the clutches of an evil vizier in a treacherous palace. However, it will be a challenging mission. The path contains dangerous traps, so he must jump, solve puzzles, and fight guards using swords.

How to Play

You play the game using a combination of arrow keys and shift buttons. Use the arrows to move the prince around and the SHIFT button to climb, jump, and fight. The game is a race against time, so you must complete all levels within one hour. Remember, you’ll have to begin the level again each time the prince dies.

2.   Doom II

Our second classic reload game is Doom II. This classic game was released in 1994. In this first shooter video game, the goal is to eliminate all demons that have invaded earth, find keys to unlock doors and move to the next level. With Doom II, you can pick many weapons throughout the game to kill these demons.

How to Play

Use arrow keys to move around, Ctrl to fire your weapons, shift to run, and space bar to interact with doors and switches. Look for keycards to unlock new areas and gather essential ammunition and health packs to enable you to fight the demons. You need an exit at every level to move to the next. It could be a door or elevator.

3.   The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is an educational game first released in 1974. The objective is to lead a group of pioneers on a cross-country expedition to reach the fertile lands of Oregon. However, the journey is dangerous as players face diseases, bad weather, and attacks from animals and bandits. Nonetheless, they must manage resources like water, weapons, and food to survive.

How to Play

Start by choosing a character. Be wise, as this will determine the level of difficulty. Playing as the banker is the best for new players. Navigate through the game using arrow keys. To start and stop walking, you press the Enter key. When attacked, use the arrow key to point the firearm and space bar to open fire. Pick your character and enjoy this third classic reload game

4.   Commander Keen 4

This game, developed by id Software in 1991, follows the adventures of a brilliant 8-year-old kid, Billy Blaze. He has to rescue Council Members from Shikadi who will help him save the world.

However, his path is filled with pits, weapons, jumping mushrooms, and dangerous creatures like mosquitoes and poisonous slugs that can kill him. The mission is to evade or daze them with his raygun.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move around, Ctrl to make Billy jump, and the spacebar to fire his gun.

5.   Castle Wolfenstein

This game, also called Wolf 2D, was released in 1981 by Muse software and is set in World War II. The player is an American spy who infiltrates the Nazi fortress to stop them from making a dangerous weapon. The player can only enter the fortress by avoiding and killing guards. He should also collect ammunition and treasures.

How to play

Use the arrow key to move around and the ctrl key to fire the weapon. The space bar is for opening doors and picking up things, while the shift key is for using the knife.

6.   Lemmings

Lemmings was first released by DMA Designs in 1991. The mission is to guide a group of lemmings through obstacles and traps to exit safely. Each level has a specific number of lemmings. You need to assign specific skills to each lemming to enable them to overcome the obstacles.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move around, spacebar to jump, and ctrl key to assign skills to lemmings.

Conclusion on our 6 Classic Reload games

These were our 6 classic reload games picked list. If you are new to playing DOS games, the above information will help you navigate and enjoy them as you would when they first came out. And if you have played them before, why not walk down memory lane with these free games?

However, keep in mind that every game uses different controls. Most require keyboard arrows, but you will need to use your mouse for some.

Apart from Classic Reload games, WellGames and Arkadium feature free instant-play games accessible from your favorite web browser. For the most part, these platforms feature mind-stimulating games, including puzzle, arcade, and card games. Visit them to see which one tickles your fancy!

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