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Unlocking the Hollow Nightmare in Sword Art Online Re; Hollow Fragment

Hollow Nightmare

Hollow Nightmare

There is an optional super boss of Hollow Fragment that poses quite a challenge. Question is, how do you unlock this mighty trial? Well, to unlock the SNM Hollow Nightmare (which is level 300 and does not mind pummeling us with massive damaging sword skills), you will need go through the Classified Zone.

All 200 floors. It’s a rough ride.

Once you beat the boss of floor 200, which is the last floor of the zone, you will find the Classified Zone Abyss Key in one of the treasure boxes. This opens up a new area that you can access via the same panel as the normal Classified Zone.

Beating the zone does take some time and even on Normal difficulty the enemies of the later floors will be around level 240 and upwards. The bright side is you don’t have to complete the zone all in one go. After each point in the zone, you can save the progress via a crystal which allows you to access that floor instead of having to restart.

The catch here is that only works in single player. Saving flood progress does not work in multiplayer. You can, however, find a friend or someone who has floor 181 unlocked and go from there.

Once you beat the zone and have that key you can go face the SNM Hollow Nightmare. There is a catch here too in which you can only face him alone. If you’re partied up, you must dissolve the party and go face this tough adversary. I recommend being a high level to face this guy as most of his attacks will decimate your health and hyper armor and protective armor do not work as his attacks simply cut through.

Stay tuned for a guide on how to beat Hollow Nightmare, only at VgamerZ!

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  • Erick Trejo
    Posted April 11, 2016 at 3:59 am

    I’m proud to defeated the final boss, it’s very tough cause he’s lvl 300 but with the right equipment and the correct combined skills it’s beatable just remeber stay calm and avoid his front attacks. I’m lvl 205

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