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The Best Game Guides – and Why We Need Them

The Best Game Guides

The debate goes on. Do serious gamers need game guides? Is it fair to use the guides, or is it cheating? As long as there have been games and guides, these questions have been asked. The answer depends on the gamer you are talking to. Most good gamers agree the guides have a place. They help you develop a game strategy. The guides keep you from getting stuck and frustrated trying to move through the game. However, a guide does not make a gamer better at playing. Like any other competition, the skill is in the mind, and hands of the player. A guide is a tool to be utilized. In the right hands, they create an edge.

In the past, game guides were printed. Today, online sites have taken over the industry. Gaming is an industry of immediate demand. Powerful, high-speed service is required. Consumers expect game guides to keep up with the virtual world.

What makes a great game guide?

A great guide is written by players, and it is written for players. A game is never to be taken at face value. This is one of the ways games become and remain popular. As a gamer grows, he learns to see a game from the inside out. He grows to look for the unseen and to expect the unexpected. The game a beginner plays is not the game an experienced gamer plays. It is as if the game grows with the gamer in many ways. This allows a game to keep its value.

A great gamer guide helps a gamer unlock characters, view the game’s maps, solve puzzles, and get specialty items needed to complete levels. It gives you cheats that are built-in and help you create your game plan. The best game guides are cross-platform guides that pertain to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gaming. Guides must be straightforward and easy to understand.

As you will see below, all game guides are not the same. Just as various games and players have their favorites, game guides cater to particular customers. There is a guide and a site for everyone.

Top five guides

Aelieve Digital Marketing published the following list of top gamer guides. The websites listed are ranked by the estimated number of unique visitors. The data is gathered from multiple sources and updated regularly. This is the most accurate gamer guide information currently available in our research.

  • gg
    • Website –
    • Number of unique visitors – 78300000
    • Supplies game information
    • Provides season and match statistical information
    • Shares MMR (Match making Rating)
    • Provides information on summoners, runes, and masteries
  • Gamepedia
    • Website –
    • Number of unique visitors – 24500000
    • It has a WIKI library
    • Has video tutorials
    • Announces new Indi arrivals
  • Gamefaqs
    • Website –
    • Number of unique visitors – 29100000
    • Has over 40,000 video FAQ
    • Has over 250,000 cheat codes
    • Has over 100,000 reviews
    • Game walkthroughs
    • Guides
  • Mobefire
    • Website –
    • Number of unique visitors – 7400000
    • Share and discuss strategies with other players
    • Create team strategies
    • Champion guides
    • Rune builds
  • Icy-Veins

Will game guides remain?

Gaming is a massive industry. It is growing at a staggering level. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft continue developing and expanding the augmented and virtual reality platforms. The world’s giant tech companies are in the game as well. Google, Apple, and Facebook have all invested in developing video games for their platforms. According to a report published by, the gaming industry is more extensive than all other media categories combined. They estimate the worth of the gaming industry currently stands at $336 billion.

As long as there is massive growth in this industry, and as long as new and different games are introduced, gamers will seek answers. They will always try to progress in the levels faster than their opponents. Game guides that keep up with the technology of the games will continue.

Some experts believe the gaming industry has barely begun to open its doors of technology to the public. The advancement of robotics, facial and voice recognition, gesture controls, and wearable tech gear is developing at record speeds.  As new technology is inaugurated, it is a safe bet that guide sites will go along for the ride. No doubt they will have to grow with the platforms in order to keep up.

If the guides were able to advance from the early days of games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to games like augmented reality, Pokemon Go, they would manage to continue. There is a bright future ahead for every player in the gaming industry.

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