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How to Reset or Restart My Career in NBA 2K17 (and How to Delete My Player)

NBA 2K17

2K Sports had a really nice treat for NBA 2K17 players this year, offering Prelude before the game’s launch, basically offering us a chance to start MyPlayer and MyCareer before the full game was released. However, things might have not gone as you wanted them to and even if you haven’t played through Prelude yet, you might still want to start over. Whatever your reasons are, we are here to share with you a very simple and quick tutorial on how to reset and restart My Career in NBA 2K17 and delete My Player in order to start over.

Remember that once you do this, there is no going back: after you have deleted MyCareer in the game, there’s no way to get your data back and you have to start over from scratch and any unlocked badges as well as all progress will be lost! If that’s what you want, here is what to do:

You will have to go to your system storage, where the data for the game is stored, select all the data there and delete it. Ideally, you should make a back-up before just to make sure that you can quickly bring it back if you decide that’s the best option later on. Remember: after doing this, you will have to start over My Career!

If you just don’t like the team that drafted you, there’s an easier method to change things around without starting the whole game mode, and also keeping MyPlayer and all your stats and things you bought: either go meet your GM and request a transfer and keep upsetting him about that or just wait for your contract to expire and then sign out with a different team.

No matter what method you choose, you know now how to restart or reset My Career and give your player a new chance of becoming the best in the world at a team you really like!

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  • Trent
    Posted November 30, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Did all of that. Still goes back to the guy I had for the prelude. Seriously have deleted everything that says prelude. Only thing that says NBA on my storage now is 2k17 itself. Should I just delete that too and redo absolutely everything?

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