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Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Blind Betrayal

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Expected or not, Blind Betrayal brings a huge plot twist into the game and gladly for players, there are many ways to end up this mission. Find out about what can be done with Paladin Danse and his future.

If you have this mission you already know that Paladin Danse is not human, he is a synth and he must be killed. At least, that’s what Elder Arthus Maxson asks of you. Depending on your relationship with Danse and on your charisma level, you can play with the options to either kill or save him. Despite all efforts though, Danse will no longer be a permanent companion after this mission, so be aware before you proceed. As for now, let’s see what can be done.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Talk to Proctor Quinlan1. Talk to Elder Maxson and Proctor Quinlan

After receiving the mission from Elder Maxson, head downstairs to the Prydwin’s Main Deck and talk to Proctor Quinlan at the document research area. He will give you hints about Danse’s location and update the mission objectives.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Scribe Haylen2. Follow Scribe Haylen About Danse’s Location

While talking to Proctor Quinlan, you’ll see Scribe Haylen interfering in the dialog. She’ll say she got useful information about Danse. Follow her downstairs and ask about the promising data, which is the exact location of Danse’s hideout.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Listening Post Bravo3. Go to Listening Post Bravo

The location is a pre-war outpost that was an alternative Brotherhood of Steel base to the current Cambridge Police Station. Head east from the Greentop Nursery and you won’t miss the post. Get inside the building and be ready for heavy fire.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Power the Elevator4. Power the Elevator

Get inside the post and hack the terminal to power up the elevator. Then head down and get ready for an intense fight against robots. Equip your strong weapon and projectiles before hitting the elevator button.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Kill the Protectron5. Fight the Robots

Two Protectrons and roof turrets will almost instantly fire at you once you hit the under level. Use your companion as a shield if you want since there’s no cover at all. Move around and aim steadily, try to take out the turrets first and then, hit the Protectron’s head, which is their weak spot.

Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Locate Paladin Danse6. Locate Paladin Danse

After cleaning the path, just run forward until you find Paladin Danse. There’s no other path so you won’t get lost. Talk to him and demand an explanation for the whole synth/run-away situation.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Kill or Save Paladin Danse7. Kill/Save Danse

Your first decision comes here, you can choose to kill Paladin Danse on site or pick his side and walk out of the outpost together. If you choose to save him, it won’t be over just yet, you’ll need to convince Elder Maxson that is wrong to kill Danse.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Persuading Elder Maxson8. Persuade Elder Maxson

If you walk out with Danse, you’ll have to face Elder Maxson. He’ll initially keep his orders but if your charisma is high enough, there are several ways to persuade him. One of them is to threat him to leave the Brotherhood of Steel. Reminding him of Danse’s humanitarian deeds can work too.


Fallout 4 - Blind Betrayal - Saving Paladin Danse9. Speak to Danse and Maxson Separately

If you chose to kill Danse, you can just talk to Elder Maxson to complete the mission. If you chose to save Danse, you need to talk to him first to discuss the future. Afterwards, head back to the Prydwin to close the matter with Maxson and receive your reward.


Saving Danse is not hard if your charisma is high. However, you won’t be able to count on him much, especially if you choose to side with the Brotherhood of Steel.


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