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No Man’s Sky: How to Find Great Planets for Exploration

In one of the previous articles we have written for No Man’s Sky, we covered how to make more Units in the game. One of the things that you have to do in order to increase your chances of getting rich or just finding a lot of amazing stuff is to find a great planet to explore in the game. However, with 18 quintillion planets out there – how do you know which one(s) to explore? I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on how to find the best planets to explore in No Man’s Sky depending on your needs.

Finding the best planet varies from person to person and it is usually based on what you need in the game: for example, if you are looking for minerals, a planet with a lot of flora and fauna doesn’t help much. On the contrary, if you’re just looking to explore and discover amazing animals and hidden gems, then you will need a great planet to support life.

So let’s talk about each of these planet types and what you have to do to increase your chances of finding that gold mine – no matter if that means making a ton of Units or having a lot to explore!

How to find the best planets with life forms and goodies
Although you can get lucky on any type of planet, those that have most life forms and hidden secrets are the planets that are similar to Earth. Look for solar systems with more planets, ideally over 6 and choose one that is neither too close, nor too far away from the sun. That planet will have a ton of life forms, it could have water and its caves will hold incredible treasures. These are the planets that are most likely to hold intelligent life forms, so in my opinion these are the best planets in No Man’s Sky and the ones you should focus on exploring.

How to find the best planets to get rich
This is a bit more difficult, but usually the best planets in terms of rare resources – especially minerals – are those that are either very close or farther away from the sun. These are usually barren planets with few life forms, but with immense riches over and under ground. So if you are looking for minerals, including rare ones, go for planets that are very close or far away from a Galaxy’s sun.

Another important indicator of how rich in resources and goodies a planet is, is the presence of Sentinels: when landing on a planet, you will be told how many there are. If there’s a lot of them, you struck gold so make sure that you thoroughly explore it because there are a lot of goodies to be had there.

Finally, as you travel towards the center of the galaxy, you will start stumbling upon more and more planets and systems already discovered by other players. Scan them and you might have an easier job at finding a great planet to explore because many name the planets based on their richness. So if you find one called “Emeril Farm” or “Calim Here” make sure to explore and get ready to get rich!

However, based on my own experience, I can guarantee that even if you don’t try to find an amazing planet, you will stumble upon a great one eventually just from playing the game. Further more, some hidden gems can still be found on planets that initially seem to be not that good, so explore, explore and then explore some more!

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