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Board Games on Nintendo Switch: The Best in The Business

Board Games on Nintendo Switch

What are some of the finest board games on Nintendo Switch you can think of? Not many, right? If you want to play bittersweet games from the board games category, you are more or less at the right place. We are about to unveil the list of some of the most astounding titles on Nintendo Switch. Let’s embark on an extremely fascinating journey and explore titles you have never experienced before.


Catan is a 4 players strategic board game where players take on the role of settlers on an uninhabited island. The objective of the game is to score 10 points, if a player owns a settlement, they earn 1 point, but if a player owns a city they earn 2 clear points. In short, building settlements, cities, and roads is your way to victory.

The board of Catan consists of hexagonal tiles, each tile represents a different terrain.

Every player on the board rolls the dice to determine their luck, if you are lucky enough, the terrain on which the dice lands could generate you resources.

To make the video game more immersive, players can exchange their cards with other players or trade for something of equivalent value from the bank.

Catan is a challenging video game, every decision of yours is meaningful. You might either fall for uncanny traps or become smart enough to outsmart opponents. Catan game is yours to dominate.

Armello (Board Games Nintendo Switch)

Armello is a fine indie board game on Nintendo Switch, it is a captivating blend of strategy, role-playing, and tabletop adventure in one package. It’s a fairy tale-based board game where strategic gameplay is prioritized. In the video game players dive into the tactics of card games, where they scheme, quest, hire agents, and explore the fascinating realms. However, you won’t be the only one who will take the intuition to win.

Your ultimate goal is to face off against other players using cards and claim the title of King or Queen of Armello.

51 Worldwide Games

51 Worldwide Games is a delightful collection of 51 tabletop games. Whether you are an average board game consumer or a fanatic, this video game collection has tons of content to satisfy your needs. What’s in this package of 51 video games? The title lives up to its expectations, featuring games from various genres such as board games, card games, sports games, and music games.

In the board games section, players can indulge in classic board games like Chess, Renegade, and Four-in-a-row.

51 Worldwide Games is good for learning interesting facts about games’ as it features a trivia facts window for each game. Moreover, if you are not familiar with any game 51 Worldwide games will instruct you how to play. It’s worth every penny of yours.

Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics (Board Games Nintendo Switch)

Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics is a turn-based tactical video game where players take turns drawing and placing cards to create landscapes. What’s the goal of the video game? All sides will compete against each other to earn points, to earn points, players have to draw square-shaped cards and construct roads, cities, and fields. Once players draw all of their cards, the video game then evaluates their point values, and the team with the most points comes out victorious.

To earn additional points, players can deploy their Meeples, tiny follows, to secure more points in the bag. As the landscape grows, the difficulty increases significantly.

Moreover, players can go solo or play cooperatively with up to 5 players.

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch is a family-friendly board game, that adds some twists and turns to the default gameplay of Monopoly. In the video game, players can play with the original rules, change the gameplay style with popular house rules, or even set a new target for themselves.

In Monopoly, each player takes turns rolling both dice and the highest roller makes their move first and plays clockwise. When your luck lands on double, you earn another turn, however, three consecutive doubles will result in you going to be jailed.

When players land on unoccupied property, they can either purchase it or auction it among the other players. But if they land on an owned property, they have to pay the owner rent. The gameplay spans until only 1 individual is left, your objective is to bankrupt your opponents. Monopoly becomes immersive when there are more than required players playing.

Raiders of the North Sea (Board Games Nintendo Switch)

Being a viking may be cool, but rarely does one unravel the other side of the cruel lifestyle. In Raiders of the North Sea, you step into the shoes of a viking, who commits himself to various raids for the settlements for gold and glory. Your objective is to impress your chieftain, that’s the only way to get yourself into the crew of Raiders of the North Sea. On your journey, you will bump into Valkyries and other supernatural existences.

As a Viking, who dwells in the sea, you need food supplies, and how are you going to do that? By harvesting resources of course. You can assign your workers to place and fetch your resources.

The video game offers several modes, players can play with or against each other and also immerse in AI-based levels.

Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra is a turn-based tactical video game that offers exquisite gameplay of chess. The video game boasts intricately crafted gameplay with the design of both iconic and modern chess games. In the Chess Ultra, players rule over the chess board. Both player takes turns moving their pieces, each pieces move procedurally. The pieces include eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king. The goal of the chess is to checkmate the opponent.

Chess Ultra’s motive is to groom new Grandmasters, although the journey is hard it’s not impossible. Players can engage in cross-platform play to enhance their skills.

Final Words: (Board Games Nintendo Switch)

Board games are a great addition to parties and family reunions, they strengthen the connections and make people reminisce about past events. What if you can’t plan a meetup? Nintendo Switch can be your virtual board. Invite your friends to join you in the battle of the brains. If you can’t decide on the game, our list is here to assist you.

What are your thoughts on this list? Do you think it’s outdated or needs fixing? Let us know in the comments, we respect your opinions.

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